Review PhotoRoom v3.1.2 (Pro)

PhotoRoom Mod APK:

  • Pro Unlocked.
  • Remove the PhotoRoom logo.
  • Export and crop HD images.
  • Access thousands of templates.
  • Optimize and resize images for other platforms.

PhotoRoom Pro (MOD APK version) is an application that specializes in background separation of photos and supports dedicated cover design for Android. There's nothing like when we can refresh a photo with a boring house wall in the background. And just snap your fingers apart to transform into an attractive covergirl.

One of the frustrations of virtual people is that sometimes they look as beautiful as a dream but have no choice but to stand in front of a boring background like a cockroach to take pictures. Done and then go back and look at it again and again and it won't work. So I got nothing for half a day.

Fortunately, technology gives us things that we couldn't do before, especially when you are a novice, don't know how to use Photoshop, don't know Lightroom but love to live virtual every day. But the unfortunate thing is, not all photo editing background removal apps have the desired effect, there are many apps that, after removing the background, don't recognize their face when looking at them. It's angry!

PhotoRoom is a background separation application for photos and cover designs. The output image can be used for popular social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Podcasts, Online Magazines… And you can rest assured that it's completely different from everything you've ever known in apps. Editing to remove fake fonts.

Because PhotoRoom is a dedicated background separation app, it gives the ability to separate naturally, without interfering with the character, removing the background behind smoothly without breaking the focus, especially the operation is easy to understand. You can learn and make the finished product yourself within 1 note.

And of course, after removing the font, we can put in a completely new background from the phone's photo library or from PhotoRoom's available background collection.

This feature is more extensive and can be used to self-promote your brand or product if you are using the online channel as the main communication channel.

The photo promoting the product you make is no longer monotonous, but instead looks modern, well-organized and very trendy. Looking to buy now.

The application is very easy to use

  1. Take a picture through the app's camera or download an existing image from the phone's photo library.
  2. Choose one of 1000 available wallpapers.
  3. Edit the dew image to make it more beautiful a few steps, can add images, effects, icons, stickers.
  4. After that, we will choose the feature to change the background image or choose the app's AI mode to automatically remove the background image.
  5. Apply the selected background to the edited shape.
  6. Save and share images via social networking applications.

In the process of making, even if any small operation is done, you can immediately review your finished product on the screen. Mix and edit until you like it. Those who have the original image with less details, the simpler the color behind, the easier the process of editing photos, removing the background to change the font. This is a photo after removing the background of the dragon and snake and replacing it with a plain white background. Looks like a real professional studio photo.

Removing the background is a small thing, transforming into a covergirl is something worth talking about

With PhotoRoom, you can even turn yourself into a stylish covergirl by teaming up with PhotoRoom's dedicated cover photo effects.

Talk a little more about this cover photo feature. In PhotoRoom, you just need to choose a favorite cover photo template and edit it freely to your liking. Then open the image template, freely add and remove elements on the image as you like, especially change the subject to be yourself. Done click download to save and share. Everything was so easy, now it's not just celebrities who are on the cover, right?

One asterisk, repeated twice because very important:

  • PhotoRoom is available in Vietnamese and has no ads.
  • Background separation in just a few seconds, good separation quality, stable and natural like through professional Photoshop.
  • There is a watermark, everyone (due to using free items, sisters). But its logo is tiny, so in short, it still doesn't affect our beauty and charisma.

What if you want to have no watermark?

Women who invest in the art of virtual living and decide to live long with PhotoRoom should use PhotoRoom Pro mode, which has the following exclusive features:

Remove the PhotoRoom logo on the image.

  • There are 3 more individual assembly options (automatic cutting, person cutting, sub-object cutting).
  • Can output images in higher resolution and sharper.
  • Can be edited and retrieved in bulk.

This PhotoRoom Pro mode can be tried for free for 1 week. After this time, a registration fee will be charged. Note that each account has a single trial only.

Hiện tại, đây là phiên bản mod APK mới nhất. Nếu các bạn thấy nhà phát triển đã cập nhật bản mới hơn. Vui lòng để lại bình luận admin sẽ update sớm nhất có thể!

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