Review Avast Cleanup v6.3.0 (Premium)

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Avast Cleanup will bring users all the best and most convenient facilities to thoroughly clean or optimize equipment; even the most memorable places cannot escape. Additionally, it can analyze and review each process, application, etc. to provide detailed reports. Over time, users will gain a variety of features and support to make their devices faster and better than ever.

Quickly or thoroughly clean up your storage

The first feature in Avast Cleanup is to help users free up device memory space, like delete junk files or more. It can also remove cache or other types of memory from deleted apps or files, freeing up more memory for other things. In addition, users can recover some necessary files related to the application in case of accidental deletion.

Detailed file analysis and optimization

After the cleanup function, users can analyze the entire memory of the device to check for unusual changes in files. The app's analysis capabilities are thorough and complete, coupled with a refined interface that displays each content or result, even their folder or location, in great detail. Of course, the analysis results can be freely customized to provide users with a wide range of desired results.

Improve heavy load performance

Avast Cleanup will be able to boost the system within the time allowed or until the user shuts it down. This will allow the entire system to work at its maximum and exceed its limits, allowing for more stable work or play if their device doesn't meet specs. The booster feature can also be used automatically or manually, optimizing the device to several degrees depending on the task or game being run.

Detailed application analysis and overview

Over time, an application or program consumes some battery or device performance for stable operation. So the apps in this article will have a detailed profiler and show an overview review for users to decide to deal with them. Metrics like usage time, battery drain, and many other drains are all neatly displayed there. The user can also stop or disable the program to prevent any consumption.

Media Analysis for Gallery Management

In addition to applications, Avast Cleanup can also help users analyze memory or multimedia files by specific categories. All space or occupancy in photos, videos, and other memory will be listed. Users can also click on any icon to see more content. They can more subtly remove or manage galleries with detailed and specific analysis.

Device Optimizer and Hibernation

The optimization and hibernation features are also handy if the user wants to extend the life of the system or its components. This feature will cause the system to stop all activities and applications running in the background to keep everything working and make the device more flexible and superior. Meanwhile, the hibernation feature makes the device more battery efficient and disables almost everything in the biometric system to optimize the device.

Avast Cleanup is an all-in-one tool that helps users improve device performance and vice versa for a better user experience or to help extend the life of the device. It is also useful when cleaning or managing files in memory so that the device is always in maximum comfort.

  • Advanced and pass-through file cleaner.
  • Friendly file manager for detailed analysis.
  • Extensive equipment optimization analysis.
  • Performance booster for various heavy duty jobs.
  • Effective battery protection and optimizer for long-term use.


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