Review Shadow Fight 2 v2.24.0 (Unlimited Money, Gem. Max level)

Shadow Fight 2 Mod:

  • Unlimited Money: You will have a lot of money, enough to buy equipments and items in the game. 
  • Unlimited Energy: By default, you have 5 energy. You will get 1 energy point every 10 minutes. For more energy, use gems to buy. In addition, if you like playing games without the energy, you can try the Special Edition version – a paid version of this game. In the SE version you will be able to play freely without energy restrictions. This edition also has special chapters.

Shadow Fight 2, the most successful version of the Shadow Fight series - is a fighting game series published by Nekki. It's also one of the best games I want to introduce to you first, even in the early days of APKMODY.

In Shadow Fight 2, you will transform into an invincible warrior and travel the world in search of opponents. Victory made him arrogant, violating the strict laws of the samurai who broke the seal of the Shadow Gate. That's where the world's most dangerous enemies are imprisoned.

The mistake cost him the consequences. The entire dark world was liberated, and the powerful magic of the Shadow Gate attracted his appearance, leaving only the shadow. Realizing that something was wrong and that he might hurt the world, he resolved to practice and fight to let go of the evil spirits again.


Shadow Fight 2's gameplay is similar to traditional RPGs like Tekken or Mortal Kombat. In it, your task is to engage in 1vs1 confrontation, using control keys to move, attack and dodge enemy attacks. The most important thing is that you have to constantly combine keys to create skills and combinations.

good combat

  • There are countless lethal weapons at your disposal, divided into four categories:
  • your hand: to strike or use a weapon
  • Your Legs: Attack enemies with kicks
  • Dag: Deals damage to enemies from a distance
  • Mage: Use magic attack

Shadow Fight 2 is also divided into several levels of difficulty from easy to extremely hard. The first stage is mainly to familiarize you with the controls and let you pass quickly and smoothly. The next stages will increase in difficulty and you will have to adapt and make the right moves or you will be hit in the blink of an eye.

game mode

This game is not too difficult and not many functions, but it is not suitable for those who are in a hurry. To conquer the whole of Shadow Fight 2, you need to have a certain amount of patience. The game always maintains its appeal as new effects and new areas are constantly added to explore.

Choose a character in duel mode

First, you need to conquer the story mode: 7 bosses in 7 chapters. Especially in the last chapter, you will see all the bosses defeated before. Bosses will be very strong in the plot and are not easy to defeat. You will need to improve your strength by improving your equipment and skills as well as your attacks. After killing the boss and bodyguard, you can unlock the storyline and unlock new modes that you'll explore below:

  • Secondary Mode: Earn money to buy gear and upgrades
  • Contest
  • Survive
  • duel
  • Boost: Win this mode and you will get special outfits and special attributes.
  • challenge
  • Special Modes: Underworld, Eclipse
  • design

Nekki's exclusive technology creates a very beautiful and friendly 2D game. Instead of highlighting the subject in the background, the game highlights the background when the subject is completely black. That's understandable, as the game's storyline already speaks for itself.

2D graphics, but very beautiful

As you engage in combat, you will see the fluidity of the game. Strikes, character effects and weapons combine to create action movies on your phone screen. One will notice that the game is quite slow compared to high-speed fighting games, but that explains what the samurai spirit is about: excitement, focus, and decision-making. It can be said that Shadow Fight 2 is not a sloppy game.

Overall, Shadow Fight 2 remains limited to the definition of a "half-season" fighting game, as Nekki has shifted its essence to a more immersive dimension without digging into the game's core resistance element. But in return, this has helped us have a unique style of play that is very easy to pick up, with fewer controls, but with a strong addictive effect. Well, this game also allows us to play with friends over a wireless connection.

You have to to install according to this guide, otherwise the game may hang at level 8 at the enchantment screen. 

  • Step 1: Download and install Bypass Enchantment version. 
  • Step 2: Play through the enchantment screen at level 8. 
  • Step 3: Download and install the MOD version overwrite to the Bypass Enchantment version.



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