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If you're still wondering about choosing an editor with all the necessary features, this is the perfect option for you to put in your videos. The app will allow users to use a variety of new tools and search for popular music samples to add. Also, you will experience creating your own videos and sharing them on social networks.

Get started with photo-to-video editing and compositing tools

Today, smartphones greatly help you make and edit videos. Nonetheless, this app will bring you a slew of attractive new features filled with just what you need. will give you an exciting experience that allows users to freely adjust everything with just a few taps. Also, the interface is designed with appropriate features to help you use it easily and have a great experience.

First of all, if you want to create a simple video, you can start from the first step, choose your favorite photos, so that the app can accompany you to create a complete video. Plus, users can freely adjust and add unlimited photos and make your videos even more impressive with cool new features.

Find new music genres with diverse systems provides users with a comfortable space to freely create their own style. If you like videos full of stories, this app will help you do just that. After stitching the photos and editing everything, you can go ahead and choose your favorite music to finish the video. Also, the app will bring you a music player with many different genres.

You can search freely on the app or upload existing music in a few simple steps and then combine it into your video accordingly. In addition, the music system here is quite diverse, and users don't need to worry about other issues, making effects that match the melody of the music and make the video more memorable. Also, the background music will provide many themes according to the user's wishes.

Slide show and enjoy preview

To be able to enhance the user experience, the app will provide you with many new tools that don't interrupt your usage, and add unique tools to bring your photos and videos to life. Editing videos with this app is no longer too difficult now, so let's start making adjustments as needed. Also, you can learn more about the photo slideshow feature after completing the previous steps. Users are free to enjoy their work with a preview and recalibrate if necessary. Plus, you can mix photos with videos for added appeal or create new melodies to suit each new photo. Additionally, users can edit the cover image of their videos to avoid confusion with other themes.

Experience full HD quality video and save to photo album

With the app, you don't need to worry about your photos being out of focus or imperfect as the app will export to a gallery with a perfect version beyond Full HD 720P quality. Users can experience everything while saving library memory and testing more professional filmmakers. In addition, the app will bring you countless vivid effects, giving you the freedom to choose and decorate your videos. Another exciting thing is that the app will make your videos more stylish while creating a unique style. You can also share your creations on social networks to experience with your friends.

main feature

  • It is a video editor with multiple features that is sure to give you a great experience combined with vivid effects to create the most impressive videos.
  • Using the interface full of necessary functions is very simple. Also, you are free to choose your favorite photos to start creating new music videos.
  • The app offers a music system with many different genres for users to add to their videos, and you can adjust the tune to match the photo to make it more impressive.
  • Create a simple slideshow so users can enjoy a preview and adjust as needed, you can also mix photos with videos or add a cover photo to make everything perfect.
  • Save to your gallery with just a few taps in full HD 720P clarity, plus this great video editor lets you share your videos on social networks.


Currently, this is the latest APK mod version. If you see that the developer has updated to a newer version. Please leave a comment admin will update as soon as possible!

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