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Calendar settings remind you to remember important events that will happen in the near future. Thousands of users have used and are satisfied with the quality of service of the application's features. A specific schedule for a day, week or month is automatically updated and stored. Before the event starts, we'll send you helpful reminders. Implementing methods to organize your schedule will positively change your life.

Sort jobs in the menu

Simple interface and easy-to-see colors are the standout features of the calendar. Users will mark directly on the virtual calendar board, change reminders and record the many tasks to be accomplished throughout the day. Age-specific chores will be added to help you manage your time. Appointments and parties are also recorded based on automatic orders, which you don't need to fill out the traditional way.

Set personal goals to achieve

Every day, you have a lot to do. Calendar will remind you of these tasks. The goals are many, but not easy to accomplish; let the app help you. The to-do list for the day will be set as an alarm and record your activity. Progress also records and makes history, so activities such as leisure, sports or relaxation are all included in leisure time. You will fill in appointments such as party birthdays and the system will remind you later.

perform assistant duties

Fully embodying the capabilities of the multi-function assistant, Calendar will continue to bring many unique features. A more compact version of the app can also do the same job with comparable performance. Make a specific and detailed tabular list to help you quickly see the current month's activity. The system will allow applications to influence the calendars of certain day-counting, entertainment, and memo applications, upon request for user comment records.

Experience the joy of life when everything is in order

Calendar makes your life happier and your experience better when all your work is organized and planned. Many options allow you to reset notification content, time spent, or tasks of the day. The electronic calendar makes it easy to observe and take it with you anywhere, anytime, or do anything. After installing your loved one's birthday reminder, the app will grow and support you more quickly.

Main features

  • Set up many different menus to include and schedule content for a day or week for users.
  • Set important goals at work and work to perfect them; you can change things at any time.
  • Adds many new features that allow you to schedule notifications about friends and family birthdays.
  • Complete multiple activities at once and automatically add new appointments or flight reminders to you.
  • Totally like a powerful assistant, providing a better experience with a friendly and easy-to-use interface.


Currently, this is the latest APK mod version. If you see that the developer has updated to a newer version. Please leave a comment admin will update as soon as possible!

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