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Camera360 is a software for managing and editing photos published on iOS and Android platforms. Despite its long release, the app still retains its status as one of everyone's indispensable photo editing tools.

Today, when photo editing applications are springing up, Camera360 has been at the forefront of the trend, and has introduced many interesting features and filters. This helps Camera360 remain attractive and improves the user experience in the best possible way. You can easily take pictures and save the unforgettable moments of your life.

For smartphone users, especially those who like to take pictures, the name Camera360 must be no longer unfamiliar. While very close to everyone, not sure if you fully understand and understand all the features Camera360 has to offer. So follow my article to learn more about this wonderful app!

Most Popular Photo Editing Apps

Speaking of Camera360, we have to mention the photo editing features. This application provides you with a set of useful tools to make your photos even better.

In particular, portrait photos will have a separate set of editing tools. You can freely adjust tones/auto smooth, fade shadows, hide or more simply, auto-correct faster with smart AI. No need for elaborate makeup, just pose for a photo, and Camera360 does the rest.

As can be seen, Camera360 is one of the photo editing apps with the most interesting number of photo filters and effects. More than 200 specially designed filters, such as Magic Sky, Nostalgia, Retro, HDR, Retro Filters, Lomo, ... are catching up with modern trends and are loved by many young people.

Edit in real time

Landscape photos become more intuitive thanks to live photo editing effects. Easily apply filters and Photoshop effects, just swipe left/right to quickly switch between filters. You can apply the effect before taking the photo, or after the capture is complete. It's also simple to change the aspect ratio and size of an image to suit the purpose. Camera360 provides you with background blur tools to highlight the subject you want or focus on a specific subject or area.

However, Camera360 tends to focus on filters and rely on automatic AI, which is mostly only suitable for creating photos on social networks like Facebook or Instagram.

If you want to take pictures as a professional photographer, you can check out Adobe Lightroom, VSCO or Snapseed.


Are you lacking self-confidence because of your "short mushroom" physique? Take a lot of photos but still can't hide the short legs? When using Camera360's Taller feature, everything is no longer a problem. Now, it is no longer a dream to have a full body photo with long legs like a model.

Connect with everyone

Camera360 is more than a simple "selfie" and photo editing app. It is also a social network for those who love photography. Here, you can write your own story with pictures and share it with like-minded people.

Through Camera360's miniature social network, you can also participate in the Meitu Contest with more than 700 million users worldwide.

What's new in the latest version of Camera360?

The latest updated version of Camera360 has prettier and new dynamic stickers. The selfie photo feature has also been improved, giving girls a completely different experience compared to other traditional photography apps. In particular, video mode comes first when you select music.

Camera360's Smart Search feature has also been improved to automatically organize images over time. So you can search directly in the search box. Searching will save time and be easier than ever.


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