Review Computer Launcher 2 v11.14 (Pro)

Computer Launcher Mod APK:

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Computer Launcher 2 is a useful app that helps you make an Android device interface similar to Windows 10. You can easily adjust what's displayed on the screen, such as app grid size, themes, and many other factors. At the same time, widgets that display useful information such as device status cannot be ignored. Of course, you optimize the interface for the device you're using.

Make the device's interface similar to win 10

Windows 10's interface finally appeals to users with its unique and easy-to-view design, so if you want to get it on your Android device, then you should try Computer Launcher 2. It won't take you much time to apply it, and of course, it will give you noticeable changes. At the same time, the familiar and straightforward interface makes it possible to discover what it has as you explore WYSIWYG.

Unique new interface not to be missed

As you get started with Computer Launcher 2, you'll wonder what you can choose from and use. On the right side of the screen, it's the Notification Center, which manages what's shown to you and controls features like wifi, bluetooth, and many other Windows 10-like features. You can access the app's folders, and if you want to see more details about the data inside, you'll need to enable these features to see the device's current folders and information.

Adjust the interface in an easy way

Once you're familiar with what's on your device's screen, you can adjust the appearance in Computer Launcher 2's settings. Specifically, there will be multiple elements to easily adjust screen elements. You can remove ads, change the background color, screen grid size and many other elements. From there, the device screen will be better suited for preferences and adding other features.

Take advantage of impressive themes and wallpapers

When you have access to a launcher like Computer Launcher 2, you certainly shouldn't overlook the impressive elements it brings to you. Specifically, when you click on a topic, you'll get a list of topics that you can access. You can also easily change the wallpaper you want and the app will be able to support live wallpapers so you can change the look of your device impressively.

Easily add various widgets to your home screen

The app also fully supports the features that user-optimized widgets have. You'll be able to add different types of widgets to see what's going on inside the device, not just information about the date, of course. Specifically, you can add to widgets to know your device's remaining battery percentage or even RAM status so you can use other apps to optimize its processing. So the way you use your device will completely change the way you can take advantage of it.

Useful Features You Can't Ignore

Apart from the above features, the app has many more features that you cannot ignore. You can take advantage of icon packs and themes, especially on Android devices other than smartphones. At the same time, you can also easily hide apps you don't use or let others see.

There will be many exciting things to do using the features of the app to change the look of your device, such as:

  • You can apply Win 10's interface to the Android device you're using with its functionality and compact design.
  • Users can easily access simplified functions and grant permissions to manage files and functions.
  • The ability to adjust the appearance of a device is a feature any launcher will have, and it gives users the freedom to customize.
  • Widgets contain useful information about your device, such as battery status, current amount of RAM, and more information you will add.
  • The number of resources such as images, wallpapers, support functions, etc. are useful and available to the user.

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