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eReader would be a great app to quickly bring entertainment and knowledge to users. If you are someone who is particularly interested in reading, this is definitely an app in your collection not to be missed. With this app, you will be able to quickly and easily turn your pocket-friendly compact into an e-book.

All popular formats supported

Books or electronic documents with different themes or content often have different specific formats. And for apps designed to enable users to read ebooks, the ability to read other formats is always a big concern. Therefore, eReader will enable users to support the most popular formats, such as pdf, fb2, epub, RTF, Html, Doc, XML, Mobi and many more.

Download files and open them quickly

In addition to the promise of being able to let users read in a number of different formats, the app will support downloadability. Users of the app will have an excellent system designed to be able to download various book files very quickly and easily. At the same time, after completing the download process, you will be able to activate the newly downloaded file directly in the application very simply.

Ability to quickly scan library readings

For traditional libraries, librarians will play an important role in managing readers' books. To be able to optimize the work that librarians need to do, the app has also developed very useful alternatives for itself. Librarians no longer need to manually manage book resources, and the system will now be able to scan users' reading libraries very quickly.

Check the type of books read

For users who regularly read many different types of books, the confusion of choosing the wrong book can arise. Often, the problem they face will be choosing to read books they all read but don't know, which will lead to changes that take a long time. Instead, the app's reader library scanning system will make it very easy to fully understand the books you've read before.

Ability to save reading progress

In addition to users often choosing the wrong book, which they have already read, not bookmarking previously read books is a familiar problem. If this is the case, then searching for paragraphs that stopped in the previous reading session would not be a good solution. To address this, the app will allow users to save reading progress directly after stopping reading using the feature. With the ability to save reading progress, users will be able to quickly return to their paragraph the next time they read, without spending too much time searching.

Personalized reading

Each book has its own unique identity, depending on the publisher, that users will not be able to customize. Especially about the font and background of the book, it will directly affect the reader's readability and perception of the book. Therefore, the app will help you to completely personalize your eBooks in a few easy customization steps. Books can then be displayed in the correct font and background color very quickly according to the individual's wishes.

Read Books Offline Mode

One of the biggest advantages that a reading hobby can bring to many people is its convenience, as they can read books anytime, anywhere. This enables the app to provide its users with the best eBook reading experience. With this feature, users will be able to read their favorite books anywhere without connecting the device to the internet.

Main features

  • The app enables users to easily turn a compact phone into a portable book.
  • Reading capabilities that support almost all of today's popular book and document formats will be an advantage for readers.
  • By setting the system's ability to scan reading libraries, users can obtain information about their book inventory.
  • Users will be able to personalize their eBooks and save reading progress with a variety of optional features.
  • Free Offline Read Books will allow its users to read their favorite books anywhere.


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