Review Flipboard v4.2.98 (ADS Removed)

Flipboard Mod APK:

  • Ads Disabled from the App content.
  • Web ads shows, we can’t do anything to it.
  • Analytics & it’s libs was cleared.

Flipboard is a beneficial app for users interested in daily updates. If you are looking for the best app to find the latest news or exciting stories, this is the one you should not miss. Using this application, users will be fully able to consult information and documents from many different sources and their favorite topics very quickly.

Update personal preferences

If you're a new user using the app for the first time, you'll feel that Flipboard's level of personalization is built to be surprisingly clear. From the first login, the app will allow its users to select their personal favorite topics to filter content before sending it to you. Many hot topics like technology, gardening, sports, business, etc. will be sent to you with clear divisions.

The latest news is always updated

After receiving important information from the user about their personal preferences, the app will start using its content. Published content will be quickly brought to your newsfeed based on your needs and interests. With a well-built large-scale system, the app will always ensure that news can be delivered to users in the shortest possible time.

very diverse sources of information

In addition to the fact that Flipboard will allow users to quickly update news, the news sources that bring them will also be very reputable. You'll be able to get articles from leading publishers like The Washington Post, Associated Press, National Geographic, TIME, ESPN, CBS, BBC, NBC, and more. Apart from that, you can't ignore the most unbiased and detailed updates from other app users.

Update local information

The latest news articles from around the world will be updated, but users will also be able to capture local information in their area. Users can have many different pieces of information, such as weather, sports, places to eat or go to school, and more. Even the most detailed information from the local Covid-19 outbreak will be sent to you based on the latest data.

Store your favorite information

By understanding the user's needs, the application's system will filter out the information that interests them. In particular, users can also use the "+" (plus) button to store their favorite news articles very simply on their home screen. With this feature, your favorite, most inspiring articles or messages will be saved to your own Flipboard magazine.

Very good ability to share

Additionally, users will be able to easily send articles to other users that they think appeal to other users. If you and your best friend have similar interests, Flipboard's sharing feature can go a long way, with just a few simple touches and articles will be sent to your friends in no time.

Follow top experts

This application will be great for users who follow special updates and want an expert opinion. App users can fully search and follow experts with leading expertise in their field of interest. That's why you will be able to receive the best articles expressing sentiment or analyzing personal opinions published on the application system by experts.

beautiful interface

The last feature an application wants to bring to its users to optimize usability is the interface. App makers have developed a very user-friendly interface for their products and appeal to the first experience. All usage operations are optimized in the best possible way, allowing users to use the most direct application in their own style.

main feature

  • The app will provide its users with a tool to support updating the latest exciting information, news and articles.
  • The information sent to its users will be published by well-known articles with high prestige.
  • Using the app's real-time update system, the time when users can update information will be very fast.
  • Users can fully track, store or share information and articles of attractive content with their friends and relatives.
  • The application has carefully designed the user interface to provide the highest usability to the users.


Currently, this is the latest APK mod version. If you see that the developer has updated to a newer version. Please leave a comment admin will update as soon as possible!

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