Review Guitar Amp & Effects v5.7.9.1 (Premium)

Guitar Amp & Effects – Deplike Apk Premium Mod APK:

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Guitar Effects, Amps, Deplike Mod Apk: You can control your entire studio setup with Deplike from any smartphone or tablet. Get the Deplike to put the pedal amps, amps and other accessories you want in your pocket. Plug and play is easy.

You can connect your guitar to your smartphone or tablet and use your device to control guitar effects pedals, true tube amps and cabinets.

Deplike function:

  • Guitar Effects, Amp, Deplike Mod Apk
  • 15 Awesome Low Latency Amp Emulations
  • Orange Rocker 100
  • Slovakia 100

rectal double

  • JCM800
  • P-5550
  • JTM45
  • SVT bass
  • Deplike Wip

bass boy

  • Fox AC30
  • Deplike Acoustic Amplifier
  • Deplike Deluxe Edition (Free)
  • Deplike: ANRG
  • Depp artisan
  • Free Deplike DST

Deplike offers 21 guitar effect pedals including: Classic Overdrive 808 MetalHead Distortion Full-Blast Distortion Dr. Muzz 1176 Compressor Neag Gate Sustainer Tremolo Choir AutoWah Flanger Phanger Pitch Shifter Ovator Delay Tape Delay RVerb Roads 5 Band Equalizer Reverb Looper Pedal

Additional features include guitar tuner background tracks and preset sharing. These extras will make guitarists feel right at home!

Presets are available for every type of guitar.

Andrig's Deplike mobile app turns any Android phone into an amplified electric guitar or bass guitar kit. Deplike makes it easy for players to buy an affordable amp electric guitar and use it anywhere they take their guitar with them.

Deplike is working on a multi-effect guitar amp processor and stompbox simulator with high latency.


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