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Knobby volume control Mod APK:

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Knobby brings a new look to your android smartphone with cool themed knob volume control. Volume control app with cool UI and many themes that you will be eager to try.

Knobby provides you with elegant rotary controls to manage the volume available in android. For example: ringer volume, system, notification, media, music or incoming call volume.

Knoby makes it easy to manage volume levels with gesture volume controls. Gesture controls provide a very convenient and easy way to quickly handle different volume levels from anywhere.

Volume keys broken? Nobby to the rescue!

The Knobby app is the savior of the volume keys, and with Knobby you can avoid pressing the physical volume hardware keys every time.

  • ◇ Knobby has many UI themes to give your phone a cool look. With an elegant volume control UI, the app also provides easy and battery-friendly access to quickly control volume from anywhere.
  • ◇ You do not need to close or quit the currently running application or game.

Knobby lets you quickly open the volume control slider from any app with just one swipe and gesture control. It runs on top of other applications.

  • ◇ Knobby is full of many other features that give you full control over your phone's volume settings. App has built-in volume control widget and volume control notifications. There are many options to configure and change colors, icons and ringtone patterns.
  • ◇ Knob volume slider also has ringtone mode option to easily change ringtone mode, silent, normal or vibrate.

We highlight some features here:

  • ✔ Knob volume control with multiple themes
  • ✔ Volume control widget
  • ✔ Volume control notifications
  • ✔ Fully customizable widgets and notifications, change background color and icon color.
  • ✔ Gesture controls to quickly open the volume slider without leaving the current app or game.
  • ✔ Fully configurable gesture controls to change position, size, thickness, transparency, color and more.
  • ✔ Quickly change ringtone modes: silent, vibrate, normal.
  • ✔ Control volume: ringtone, notification, system, caller voice, media/music.
  • ✔ Stylish UI with material standards.
  • ✔ Battery friendly background service for gesture control.
  • ✔ Customizable volume slider, change position, animation, duration, color and more.
  • ✔ Volume key saviour.
  • ✔ No permissions for accessibility services.

◇ Permissions:

The app needs the system overlay permission to draw the volume slider on top of the running app.

Do Not Disturb allows Knobby to control the ring pattern permission.

Internet access ratings and shows our more apps screen.

◇ Try Knobby, use different themes and tell us your feedback and suggestions at

We are happy to integrate and improve the application based on your suggestions.

Please review and rate the app on the Playstore.

Thanks ! !

◇ Copyright

Unless otherwise stated, all knob designs and graphics are the intellectual property of their respective designers or publishers.

If you are a designer or publisher of any design and you would like us to remove your design from the app, please send us an email and we will remove it immediately.

Or if you want to get credit in the app, please send an email to, we are more than happy to add credit to the respective design and we will add it.


Currently, this is the latest APK mod version. If you see that the developer has updated to a newer version. Please leave a comment admin will update as soon as possible!

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