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Hiking, cycling, picnic, travel... Just need to step out onto the street, whether in a strange or familiar place, or very familiar but still have many unknown corners, you can find it. Komoot. This is considered a great planning tool for trips, because not only directions, you can also use it offline and the whole operation is very short and simple.

Komoot with inspirational voice guidance

It's like driving a car. Komoot will always be a true companion on every road. You can launch the app, enter your entry point and destination, and Komoot will automatically rummage through the massive data store, retrieve all the geographical information for that distance, and give voice directions. easy to understand. Komoot crept into every cave and alley, whether it was a small path or a cliff in the forest, or a remote village.

Share with the community with the same passion

You've always received help and inspiration from the community of like-minded backpackers, then it's time to "give it away". By using Komoot, you will be sharing your journey with many others at the same time. Invite your friends to share Komoot, join the group and you're done. Discuss the process of crossing passes, wading streams, and watching friends or famous "explorers" in the community. In many different ways, just by sharing, you have helped yourself to learn a lot of great adventure experiences, and at the same time bring what you know to tell new people into the community. This is a self-training, long-term, and highly connected process.

It's the free navigation app that everyone needs

Walking and jogging have become an attractive trend, especially in the past 3-4 years. And I think after the pandemic, when the whole world was almost forced to get used to doing everything alone, these two hobbies will become even more popular because of its independence and self-control. . You can go around the area you live in, explore the neighborhood or a new land, up the forest, into the sea, along the mountainside to enjoy the fresh air compared to the bustling city. Wherever you go, it's important to be safe and healthy. But to be safe, you need to be given the most specific, detailed and accurate directions possible.

Komoot, will first be a compass and mobile map for your trip. With these two extremely accurate basic navigation features, the app will be your best guide on all roads.

Even if you want to change course suddenly, Komoot can still help make the right decisions after showing paths in the new direction. The app also marks everything regardless of the plane. You will easily see areas of fields, asphalt or other terrain at the time and location present and the surrounding space. At the same time, mark abnormal points (such as bridges and roads under repair, obstacles ...).

The compass and map display in Komoot is simple, concise, and easy on the eyes. Don't overdo it with numbers. Because the nature of the directions apps is to operate quickly, easy to understand, you can watch and move without having to stop and ponder for too long.

Use offline no problem

Komoot's powerful weapon is the ability to operate offline. As soon as it collects enough data from the information source in the database, Komoot will automatically download this information, so that the user can freely review it. Traveling here and there, especially when climbing passes and wading streams, sometimes the Internet becomes a luxury. At these times, you will need Komoot's powerful offline use feature.

Companion of every trip

If you travel, you can also take advantage of the full power of Komoot. Because this application also allows you to take notes and plan the most detailed for your entire schedule.

In Komoot, depending on the destination you enter, the application will immediately display a series of bars, restaurants, cafes, specialties, public toilets, post offices, gas stations, passes, yards parking, stops along the way, from where you are to your destination. This is an extremely valuable piece of information for anyone on a journey.

Comes with extra features no one wants to miss. Like fitness tracking, speedometer, GPS, save adventure photos, take notes to record travel experiences, share schedules with friends on other social networks...

Currently, this is the latest APK mod version. If you see that the developer has updated to a newer version. Please leave a comment admin will update as soon as possible!

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