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QuickPic is a photo organizer that makes it easy for users to interact with everything in their library, while making everything faster and more convenient than ever. Users have more potential in this app than a device-specific photo library, and can even easily link to many other management-related features. Of course, it will have some basic features built in so that users can easily process all their photos or fully backup them in real-time.

Modern and colorful themed interface

The most critical thing in QuickPic to help users manage all the images in their gallery is a sophisticated and modern interface that encapsulates any useful feature or function. It also comes with tons of creative and great customizations to alter their individual user experience or make new changes to the app. Users can even change interface layouts, interactions, etc. while interacting directly with the interface for the smoothest feel.

Easily manage your photo library

The app's ability to manage multimedia content is excellent and flexible, allowing users to get the best results when dealing with many redundant photos. In other words, it would be a great help if users often take a lot of photos or create many different photos when taking selfies. This includes moving or managing multiple assets at the same time to get the best results when personalizing photos for all users so that they are clean and easy to view rather than cluttered.

Create multiple folders for specific photos or videos

If users have a lot of media, QuickPic can help them quickly create rich folders or categories for easy storage. Additionally, all unsorted content will be prioritized in the list until the user directly sorts them into the proper place. This keeps everything on the user's device very neat and even extra folders appear in the toolbar on the side of the screen.

In-app integrated photo editor for quick processing

The strength of the app is that it integrates a simple and flexible photo editor for users to process any photo before exporting it quickly. While its simplicity is important, it still has many advanced features for users to handle specific tasks for optimal performance when arranging photos. Not only that, but they can export images to many specific formats for easy editing or for many other purposes.

Extensive photo backup and sync

In addition to its convenient and valuable features, QuickPic provides excellent photo synchronization for all users' photos and the cloud storage to which they are linked. Moreover, it automatically backs up all photos to the specified folder to prevent unexpected situations from happening and having a great impact on users. Users can also set additional passwords for sensitive photo folders through various specific passwords or do not wish to be exposed in any way.

QuickPic is a smart and versatile photo organizer that allows users to have the best user experience if they have many photos on their device. It also keeps users with sensitive photos safe and helps them automatically backup or sync everything in the background.

main feature

  • A real and material interface for smooth interaction when managing personal photo libraries linked to various stores.
  • Easily create folders to manage multiple photos at once by photo concept, name or occasions in the user's daily life.
  • A great in-app photo editor that includes the essential features necessary to process pictures faster and even export in various formats.
  • The automatic backup feature allows users to place their photos in a specific backup folder or transfer them to cloud storage for safekeeping.
  • Set different authentication passwords for specific photo folders or pictures to avoid accidentally revealing important information.


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