Review Speed Test WiFi Analyzer v2022.04.57178 (Premium)

Speed Test WiFi Analyzer Mod APK:

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You worry about your network. Then Speed Test wifi Analyzer will help you to overcome this problem. The program will help you to check the current wifi connection and status to help you solve the problem as soon as possible. The program will help you control the speed of your network access and see how quickly your network can process information. Users may feel confident using the program due to its useful features in everyday life.

Check network connection

The app will help you to check your network connection and current network status. The number will be given and the user can know if your network connection status is normal just by looking at it. The app also always helps your device connect better than others.

Fix slow network situation

Slow or lagging network conditions will make it difficult for your device to function properly. So Speed Test wifi Analyzer always provides a fixed feature to make the connection more stable than before. The app also analyzes metrics all the time, and based on that, fixes the critical points your network is facing.

Another connection detected

The app can detect another connection that is more stable than the current connection you are using. This allows you to change the connection and use the other party's connection to better suit your own needs. The app also always meets the modern needs that users want and do well.

restricted access

The main thing is that Speed ​​Test wifi Analyzer has a feature that restricts access to your wifi area. You will kick out devices that are accessing your wifi area, or if you prefer, the app will help you block. This keeps your connection in a safe area and is always well protected in all situations. Additionally, restricting access will help keep all your information discreetly in any event.

main feature

  • Check your internet connection speed and provide specific metrics to make your visit successful.
  • Always stabilize your wifi and always create a sense of security when using the network for your devices.
  • Discover new wifi and help you access the fastest speed without worrying about problems.
  • Overcome slow or congested network and give us a pleasant experience.
  • Detects who is using your wifi and can limit as needed.


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