Review Vieka - Music Video Editor v2.2.6 (Premium)

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Vieka is an excellent professional music video editor that allows users to understand new trends in this unique art. It also has endless features and potential for people to explore to use all their skills or imagination to create great content. Additionally, the app is completely free and includes any tools or resources that users can use extensively for their videos.

Design Highlight Videos

The process of inserting audio is the final stage, and the first thing users need is an edited video in order to make a new impression on the viewer. As such, Vieka will provide everyone with a built-in professional video editor with simplified tools and interactions for all types of people. Thanks to them, users can now create countless creative and awesome videos in various styles that stand out in current trends.

While the app doesn't have many advanced features that let users change images directly, it still has enough tools to handle delicate video. This includes cropping, resizing, merging and making videos look more spectacular and stunning than usual. Best of all, users can directly customize each tool, so they have a wide range of performance and differentiated results, demonstrating the versatility and applicability of the application.

Huge video template free

If the user lacks creativity or has no new ideas for the next video, Vieka will introduce many templates. Each template has been carefully designed with many advanced features that can be automatically applied to the whole or details. With the help of templates, users can effectively save time editing everything and even easily change or customize some content to create novel results.

Various filters and effects

In addition to templates, users can use filters or effects to make everything more vivid and attractive than usual. Small changes in color or image detail will make each video unique and new, giving users many novel combinations when using the right color. Best of all, users can interact directly with each layer or effect to create a random aesthetic for the video.

Multiple layers of professionals

Multiple layers of features help users make the most of their video editing ideas or features. Vieka allows each layer in the system to hold multiple assets at the same time, such as filters, effects, etc., combined with layers to create new results. In addition, users can efficiently arrange layers and organize them neatly so that the video is not damaged, but there are many new potentials for deep editing.

To add cuteness to some of the videos you create, you can add cute stickers to show each happy status or other emoji. At Vieka, there will be hundreds of stickers with different themes for you to enjoy and experience. Also, you can insert some text to explain or tell your story so that viewers can better understand some of the images in the video. Also, you have the right to choose the right font size and the easiest font to see for yourself.

In addition, merging small videos into full videos is also very fast in a few simple steps. Vieka has the ability to cut certain segments from a video to create a cleaner video, and it doesn't run around, with all the necessary content. What's more, if you don't like any parts, you have the right to delete them as efficiently as possible. In addition, you can insert clips that you think are very important in your footage to create the most profound and unique video content.

Add music and sound effects

Sound and its effects are an important element of a complete video, giving viewers the most refreshing feeling. Fortunately, the app has a massive sound system that includes popular and free songs. Users can also directly sync images with sound to create precious moments in their videos. At the same time, they can add some sound effects to significantly increase the realism and vividness of the video.

Vieka is one of the professional music video editors with many potentials and tools that allow them to unleash all their imaginations. On top of that, it is also regularly updated with new content so that users can become more flexible and get more positive results when editing.


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