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VMOS is a virtual machine (VM) based APP software. VMOS system can enable root with one click (no PC required for root). It can be thought of as a virtual box. VMOS can be installed as a regular APP of Linux or Android system through VM technology. It's an Android emulator and a one-click app cloner. In addition, the VMOS is not controlled and isolated from the host system. So it can be rooted without risk and can even be used to check for viruses (Android on your phone).

# Features #

  • 👉Do you want to install a different Android system on your phone?
  • 👉Do you want to install 2 same APPs on one phone?
  • 👉Does your phone meet all the installation requirements of the APP?

VMOS can help you solve these problems.

  • 👉 VMOS is a global APP that creates virtual Android on Android. It is a completely independent system and is deeply loved by connoisseurs.
  • 👉You can have two online social accounts, balance work and life on one device...
  • 👉 VMOS is equipped with picture-in-picture mode.

Floating windows appear above other applications and can be dragged and zoomed freely. Wait, floating videos on Youtube. (YouTube background)

  • 👉 We may run background VMOS for some specific games.
  • 👉 Another unique feature is the ability to customize the resolution.

User can define length, width and DPI as required. The solutions you set up earlier will also be recorded.

Update v1.8.0:

  • 1. Solve the problem that some mobile phone backgrounds are cleared;
  • 2. Solve the problem of shutdown delay;
  • 3. Solve the problem that some mobile phones are stuck when the real phone is turned on;
  • 4. Optimize part of the interface.

Update v1.7.0:

  • 1. Adapt to Android 12;
  • 2. Add SIM change area to virtual machine information;
  • 3. The virtual machine startup storage limit is reduced to 1G;
  • 4. Add purchase records;
  • 5. Adjust the points work;
  • 6. Optimize permission application;
  • 7. Fix the problem of missing root;
  • 8. Solve the problem of audio theft;
  • 9. Solve the problem of virtual machine failure sequence;
  • 10. Solve the problem of automatic shutdown of some mobile phones in the background;
  • 11. Fixed the problem that some users could not change or unbind their mobile phone numbers;
  • 12. Fix OPPO, VIVO and some MediaTek processors stuck and dropped frames;
  • 13. Optimize the experience.


Currently, this is the latest APK mod version. If you see that the developer has updated to a newer version. Please leave a comment admin will update as soon as possible!

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