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Walk Band is an app that creates music by combining sounds from different instruments. Each instrument has its own characteristics and modes of use, and users should learn and take the time to implement their ideas. At the same time, they can decide to add new recordings or cut out unnecessary parts to make the content of the track more complete. Of course, you can find many uses for the audio files you create.

Make sounds for various musical instruments

In Walk Band, users will be able to find useful features to create impressive music composed of various sounds. These types of sounds come from instruments supported by the app so that users can use them at any time. At the same time, they have different characteristics that you cannot ignore, and you should master these factors in order to discover the potential of these instruments.

Discover the potential of an instrument

Some of the popular instruments that appear in Walk Band that you cannot ignore are piano, chords, guitar, drums and others. At the same time, each has its own unique characteristics and abilities; for example, the piano you find can support up to 88 keys, allowing you to use different modes. Players can use guitar tones such as steel-string guitars, nylon guitars, electric guitars, and more.

Combine the sounds you make

After a quick look at Walk Band's features, you'll find some fascinating features that help you synthesize sounds obtained from different instruments. You will enter the MIDI interface and you can easily see a plus button on the left side of the screen. A selection will then appear where you need to select an instrument to enter the instrument play interface. You can see the time bar at the top and you can play as long as you want.

Use the recording file available in the device

A notable point to support the user's editing process is that users can import existing recordings to continue their editing process. After the audio track is completed, the MIDI track is transferred into a collection, and this collection grows over time. At the same time, some are still very useful when you come up with a brand new idea and don't need to waste time looking for another idea.

make the adjustments you want

Once a piece of music is produced in Walk Band, editing is of course essential when the user listens to the track repeatedly. Over time, they also noticed irregularities and inconsistencies in certain parts. They can do things like mute, increase volume, trim and add new recordings. Therefore, this can be considered the most time-consuming stage after a creator has an impressive idea.

Store and convert MIDI files to MP3

As mentioned above, users can add MIDI files to their collections to listen to anytime for fun or to find new ideas for reuse. In addition, the app fully supports users to convert these MIDI files to MP3 files for easy listening in full music and sharing with others. There is nothing better than accepting compliments from others.

Share your product with many others

In addition to stored procedures, users can also use MP3 files in a number of ways, especially for sharing to specific platforms. MP3s stored in the library can be uploaded to different desired platforms or backed up quickly. At the same time, the app also enables users to instantly share their products on social networks through the share link feature. So, without a doubt, this is a tool that music lovers should use.

Users will be curious and fascinated by the variety of instruments the app offers:

  • Instruments have different sonic characteristics and playing styles, and they have patterns and genres that users must understand.
  • Users can combine the sounds they want into one and listen repeatedly to find out the instability of the song.
  • After learning, users will spend time editing by turning off/up the volume, cutting unnecessary parts, and using new recordings.
  • Users will spend time tweaking MIDI files and storing them in their collections for future reuse and to support their ideas.
  • MIDI files can be converted to MP3 files, and users are free to decide how to use them and which applications support quick sharing.


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