Review Battery Guru v1.9.18.2 (Premium)

Battery Guru Mod APK:

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Battery Guru: Battery Saver is a popular app on everyone's phone. The main function of the app is to display battery usage information and measure battery capacity on the phone. In addition, this app can also estimate and notify users of charging times, changing users' bad habit of battery charging problems. Your phone is sure to increase battery life and last longer when using this great app.

battery health care

The main task of the app is to protect health and prolong battery life. The app will optimize the user's phone, automatically alerting the user to bad habits that hurt battery life. Because your battery has a limited lifespan, after each charge, the lifespan will decrease a little, or charging and use will quickly drain its lifespan, causing a lot of unnecessary accidents. So having this app will increase the safety while using it and make the battery on your phone healthier.

Show all data information

Battery Guru: Battery Saver will provide users with all battery data on their phone. This app is fully listed, from the battery percentage to the battery usage of the apps in the device to the battery level. With these numbers, the user is sure to know the health of the battery to make timely decisions to avoid damaging the phone.

Remind users of bad habits

People who use smartphones must have a bad habit of charging while charging or recharging when the battery runs out. These things gradually become hard habits to break and drain the lifespan of your phone considerably. Therefore, a reminder to warn the user is automatically displayed to eliminate the user's bad habits.

battery power

Battery Guru: Battery Saver can also provide energy to your battery; suggested themes in the app will help save data which means longer battery life.


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