Review Podcast Addict v2022.3.1 (Donate/Premium)

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Podcast Addict will keep people addicted to countless podcast channels thanks to the possibilities and convenience it offers users for the best listening experience. Each channel is different in content and context, creating a wide variety of content that elevates user discovery to new heights. Best of all, they can personalize their podcast library and listen to them anytime, anywhere, at home or in the car.

Innovative interface for Swift interaction

The user's first impression of Podcast Addict is its superior, elegant, and uncluttered interface, with all the channels arranged and categorized. In addition, it has two leading platforms for podcasting and radio, changing the way users explore the entertainment industry. Because of the neat arrangement of each element, users always have the most refreshing feeling about podcasts.

Huge content and categories

Thanks to the rich podcast channel, the app now has over 4 million different channels worldwide for users to explore. All podcasts are categorized into a number of rankings, categories and contexts for users to search through individual tags. Fortunately, subtle filters help limit searches and give them the results that best match their interests, and you can even customize the homepage to look forward to the latest content.

Access any episode with a single click

Each podcast channel contains content from the past, and the Podcast Addict keeps everything organized for easy access. It also has a built-in search engine that allows users to filter content by various categories such as date, showtime and mainstream content. According to each podcast channel, user discovery will be more diverse and prosperous than ever.

Personalize your playlist

Each user's playlist is versatile and convenient as it helps them organize everything neatly for future viewing. While browsing the homepage, users can bookmark any channel or episode and add them to a live playlist for easy access later. Everything in the playlist is prioritized on the homepage, creating a convenient shortcut for users to listen to podcasts with absolute flexibility.

comfortable listening experience

Podcast Addict promises the best listening experience for everyone, no matter where they are, even offline. Podcasts often have no visual elements, so all content or conversation runs in the background, allowing users to do other things at the same time. Of course, the app also allows users to connect to Bluetooth devices to stream better quality content, such as while driving or similar situations.

extensive personalization

Users have many unique preferences, so the application will introduce many features to customize the system to meet individual needs. This includes changing the overall layout and colors of the interface, a podcast channel recommendation system, a personal library, and more. They make users more comfortable and expose them to new types of podcasts to broaden their exploration of the world of entertainment.

Podcast Addict is an effective way for users to listen to podcasts every day, thanks to its features and regular updates of new content. Some personal customizations can even help them discover more exciting things they never knew existed and enjoy sharing or connecting with others to diversify their podcast playlists.

main feature

  • Find podcasts by searching for their name or keywords (5 million podcasts/100 million+ episodes).
  • Find podcasts using your favorite search engine, such as Podcast Addict, Apple Podcasts, or The Podcast Index.
  • Sort top podcasts by category to find what you're looking for.
  • Find a podcast network to subscribe to (NPR, Gimlet, BBC, Serial, Ted Talks…)
  • Receive personalized recommendations based on your current subscription.
  • Find podcasts that rival the ones you're listening to right now.
  • Copy and paste the podcast's RSS/ATOM feed link. Use iTunes / Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, YouTube channels and playlists and URLs
  • With RSS feeds, you can support private and premium podcasts.
  • Updates, downloads, playlists and deletions are all automatic (set specific times to download your favorite podcasts before you wake up)
  • Podcasters can build their own preferences.
  • Interact with third-party applications to control applications using Intents.
  • Set an alarm to wake up to your favorite podcast, radio station, audiobook or playlist when you wake up.


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