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MyFitnessPal basically helps users track their daily calorie consumption through manual reports. It will rely on reports from users, such as dishes, beverages and other nutritional products, to provide specific information or calculations related to the number of calories consumed or accumulated in the body. On top of that, it also has countless effective weight loss or exercise methods that help users cut calories significantly.

Track your calorie intake

First, MyFitnessPal helps users track the calories they consume through food or dishes. In terms of absorption, everything has a different calorie density and they need to report or enter the names of those foods in the report to give a specific calorie count. Users can also use the barcode scanning function of some food products to quickly and easily understand their information and calorie content.

Reduce calories with exercise

The most effective way to burn calories in your body is to exercise at a high intensity and sweat as much as possible. Fortunately, the app comes with an extensive exercise library to immerse users in the refreshment and excitement of fast-paced exercise. Each piece of content is developed with great detail and care, with a number of specific visual or audio descriptions.

Compare your overtime records

Reports are automated information that MyFitnessPal periodically collects from listings or user activity. While the only downside is that the user has to manually enter the information, the calculations and comparisons for each record are accurate and the metrics vary little. It can help users understand their calories or their efforts in pursuit of a healthy and perfect body.

The most memorable and impressive content is everyone's cooking guide or the healthiest menu library. Most dishes are vegetarian, but some add more calories if the user prefers to burn as many calories as possible. Depending on the needs of each user, the library will provide a suitable menu with detailed instructions and a list of necessary ingredients.

Interact with other users around the world

MyFitnessPal has a vibrant user community of more than 200 million members worldwide, working together to support achieving a healthy body. It's also a great place for people to share achievements or seek more advice that the system can't. In short, its user base is booming, and many topics other than weight loss will also appear here to diversify or enrich things.

Stay motivated in a unique way

There are many ways to lose or gain weight by absorbing calories and burning them efficiently. Therefore, the app will have a specific category for users to plan efficiently by adding content in the appropriate format, such as exercising or consuming nutrition. Based on each activity type added to the list, the system will calculate and give the most positive result for the user to start.

MyFitnessPal also has many effective and excellent ways for users to track growth or other physical activity comfortably. It also introduces a vibrant and friendly community where people can freely interact with people to learn more tips for altering their body's calorie content.

Main features

  • Track your body's calorie changes by manually entering reports.
  • Helpful guides for each body type to achieve optimal performance or desired results.
  • A large library of various food recipes for optimal and proper calorie intake.
  • Track your activity across various daily activities or water intake.
  • Join the bustling and friendly community for more helpful lessons on changing body shape.



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