Review Hyperion Launcher v2.0.16 (Premium)

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Are you looking for the right launcher for your phone? Are you afraid of paying expensive for it but not using it? Then Hyperion Launcher will be your best choice. This is a new launcher; while not the best, it can support all Android OS for any smartphone. The app has many features but not much space, so it is trusted by many people to choose to use. Free version reduces costs for users!

Standout Features of the Desktop

Users will use this launcher to refresh their device and discover more features of their phone. Hyperion Launcher brings more novelty to your boring screen with desktop settings feature. A variety of intricately designed themes in styles such as minimalist or modern. Dark mode makes your phone screen look more attractive. Additionally, users can instantly change icon packs without quitting running animations.

For apps, users can easily access it by swiping up to open or using the app's main icon. For the main interface of the desktop, users can set the display mode of the applications they want. Press and hold the app's icon and drag it to the desired location in the interface menu. Or applications can be hidden from the desktop, optimizing interface space to display other important information. Additionally, users can set a key with a quick password or fingerprint lock. The system is safe and secure and ensures that information is not shared with any other partners.

Dynamic calendar and weather for different locations

Hyperion Launcher will help users to quickly check the date, time and weather without unlocking the phone. With the dynamic calendar feature, users must select the time zone and region they live in to best display the current time at your location. Or even simpler when locating a location to display the date and time without having to automate manual actions. Choose to show a simple dynamic calendar in settings. Change the color and brightness of the picture color to make your phone stand out throughout the day.

Also, a new feature of the app is the ability to display the weather without having to visit the Weather app. To set up this app for your phone, the only thing you need to do is enable geolocation and allow the app to use access to that location. Various time and weather layouts are displayed on the mobile interface of the desktop and lock screen. Users can choose the style they want for the most convenient phone.

Experience practical animation features

Animations are not new to the launcher. However, with the Hyperion launcher, the animation is done super fast and smooth. Pictures become more beautiful in light and dark mode. When transitioning to the next image, the old image will be gradually blurred to create a cinematic effect. Users can retrieve old images by physically returning them.

Also, the app has exciting features about the dock, such as dock/shadow bar styles, dock indicator styles, drawers, dock dimming, and more. So many features are integrated, but this app causes a lot of problems. Surprised by its super savings. The super savings here are both saving money and saving memory space. The app is free and users can download and use it on any platform for free. The app also saves space on your phone's memory compared to many other launchers!

Main features

Free and memory saving utility launcher for all smartphone operating systems

Change your background and lock screen with a variety of beautifully designed themes. Change icon packs on the fly without exiting the animation

Design the interface to your liking by changing the location of apps and hiding unnecessary apps. The wallpaper gradient adjustment mode and sliding operation are more convenient

Allows apps to access your location to use the dynamic calendar feature with accurate weather and regional time without opening the weather app

The animations run super fast and smooth, and the dock has many attractive features



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