Review Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare v3.6.2 (Unlimited money)

Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare Mod:

  • Unlimited money.
  • No cooldown time.

Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare is a quite famous and successful game in the game market from the publisher Mobirate. Zombie themes have always been ideal for many blockbuster movies or popular multiplayer games, and this game is no exception. Coming to the game you will not be strange with its gameplay because it is also inclined to destroy zombies like other games. But not only that, there will be many interesting things that the game brings waiting for you to discover.


Instead of like before, you will only get used to controlling one or two characters to fight the zombies; With Dead Ahead, you will have to control an entire army to create a perfect battle formation. It also means that the difficulty of the game will increase as it is quite difficult to manage such a large army at once. But don't worry too much because the game will guide you step by step from easy to difficult so you can get used to the game easily. Your job is simply to create a great squad with the perfect combination of strength and a good strategy.

Building yourself a good squad is not too complicated because the game will provide you with the 3 most basic types of soldiers: melee soldiers, short-range gunners and long-range gunners. Because each type of soldier will have a different ability and strength, you can consider choosing the right one for your squad. If you have a good strategy, you can arbitrarily combine these types of soldiers without worrying about deviation. Always take the time to learn about the soldiers in your squad to know each of their pros and cons.


You must know one thing that what is standing in front of you are scary and dangerous zombies, not creatures without brains as you think. Be careful because they have no brain, but in return they have the ability to run very fast and extremely sensitive, so they can rush to attack you at any time. Your mission is to protect your life and that of your teammates, so stay alert in all situations.

After each level, both the number of soldiers in the team and the strength of each person will increase. But do not rush to rejoice because the zombies will be like your team and will become stronger in both strength and number. Every time any soldier on your team dies in battle, the number of zombies will also increase by one. There will be more and more of them, and in addition, there will be many other skills.


Different soldiers will have different ways to use their skills, such as some will use sticks and others will mainly use guns. However, it will be a bit inconvenient to shoot zombies for snipers because it will take a long time. Although they move slowly, but in return, the damage per shot is very high, so they will kill zombies within a note.



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