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ExpressVPN (Premium)

ExpressVPN will help users connect to countless most reliable, secure, and flexible VPNs without paying or meeting critical requirements. The app is perfectly optimized to ensure users get the best performance or stability when playing games with VPN activated. Its connection process is also very fast and excellent, as well as a lot of extensive customization for the ultimate experience when using the internet in comfort.

Why are VPNs useful?

A VPN will make a user's internet connection secure and less fragmented, helping to increase connection speed compared to normal. It is also a perfect and safe option when users connect to public Wifi to avoid being hacked or stealing data. Additionally, when ExpressVPN is enabled, all user activity is hidden, ensuring that downloads or uploads are secure and leak-free.

Easily connect to any VPN

The app currently has countless servers built extensively around the world to support faster and more stable VPN connections. The connection process can be automatic or manual, with a variety of custom connections to get the desired results and enjoy all the endless and free benefits of a VPN. Automatic connections will always prioritize the closest or lowest ping server, or the user can choose any server in any location to connect manually.

Change your internet profile

Connecting to a VPN changes a user's entire Internet profile or information, allowing them to access a variety of prohibited content in specific regions. ExpressVPN can now easily "immigrate" to any country or country via a VPN that brings similar IP or Internet characteristics. Not only that, but it also makes it useful and convenient to play games on foreign servers with the lowest ping.

Endless internet speed and usage

VPNs also help to aggregate users' traffic instead of spreading it out, so the speed is greatly increased, allowing them to enjoy doing just about anything. Thanks to its sheer stability and speed, streaming movies, music and downloading any file happens instantly, even optimizing everything on behalf of the user. Of course, it's also useful for gaming, ensuring users are multitasking without worrying about lost internet or lost connections at the same time.

Crazy use of VPN on your device

ExpressVPN will not have any certain restrictions on users, but will sync with other platforms. Regardless of distance or country, they can even share IPs or link into a local area network with friends and groups. This helps to be more productive and do many other things with absolute safety and speed, and even helps stabilize work through things like video calls.

Prevent data attack or loss

The security of the VPN is also absolutely safe, giving users peace of mind when connecting to any public Wifi. Almost all data loss reports come from public wifi, and the app can help users whose transmissions are ignored or improve protection if someone tries to break through. Additionally, a good VPN is required to protect resources in a team or enterprise environment.

The greatness of VPNs is almost endless, and users can use them for personal purposes on a daily basis. Additionally, ExpressVPN will introduce more advanced features and systems to ensure users always have a flawless internet connection or access any restricted website comfortably.

Features of Android VPN

  • Kill switch: Network protection shuts down all internet traffic if the VPN fails to establish a connection.
  • Android 8 and higher operating systems provide a system kill switch.
  • Split Tunneling: When your device is connected to ExpressVPN, you can choose which apps will use the VPN and which apps will not.
  • Connecting and disconnecting from the VPN, as well as changing the location and checking the VPN status can all be done through the widget.
  • It automatically connects you when you join or reconnect to an untrusted Wi-Fi network.
  • If your VPN connection is lost or interrupted, it will automatically rejoin.
  • Lightway, OpenVPN UDP, and OpenVPN TCP are cryptographically supported protocols.



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