Review God of War - Chains of Olympus (Simulation PSP)

God of War - Chains of Olympus Mod:

  • Simulation PSP Gold.

After God of War: Ascension, Kratos now serves the gods of Olympus in an attempt to free himself from the nightmare that has haunted him for years.

In 2008, Santa Monica Studios released the game God of War: Chains of Olympus, which marked Kratos' first step towards the PSP platform. To this day, this is still considered a very good quality God of War game. Chains of Olympus takes place when Kratos accepts the service of the Olympians, believing that they will be saved from the nightmare Ares killed his wife and daughter. At the start of the game, Kratos travels to the city of Attica to help fight the invasion of the Persian army. Not long after arriving in the city, he saw a basil tree hanging on the city wall and chased after him. During the pursuit, Kratos met the Persian king in the city and killed him. Kratos used the king's power to summon the fire spirit Everett, confronting the basil and killing it.

After defeating Basilisk, Kratos watched the sun go down from the sky, sending the world into darkness. Tracing the shimmering light on the horizon, Kratos fought in the city of Marathon, encountering the black mist of Morpheus, who had enveloped the earth in darkness. Finally, Kratos reached the temple of Helios, the source of the last ray of light and the abode of the sun god Helios. He encounters the statue of Athena and learns that Helios is gone, and Morpheus uses it to put the gods to sleep. Athena wants Kratos to find Helios so she can release Morpheus' control over the gods and thus bring light back to Earth.

How to install the game:

  • Download PSP Gold Apk File.
  • Download the God of War Zip File. Open PSP Gold, find the Download folder, select the downloaded God of War file, click install, and then enter the game to enjoy.

Pay attention to the PSP Gold settings to adjust the configuration if lag.



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