Review Hamster Cookie Factory v1.14.2 (Unlimited Diamonds)

Hamster Cookie Factory Mod APK:

  • Unlimited Diamonds

Hamster Biscuit Factory MOD APK takes you into the biscuit factory of super cute hamsters. From color, shape to rhythm, the gameplay is impeccable. Believe me, this is an idle simulation game that you must play on your phone.

In the hamster biscuit factory, you are the owner of a biscuit factory. That position forces you to do a lot of work to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the factory. You must set up a standard cookie production process yourself so that the system automatically works according to the instructions. You must also make a decision to balance everything from upgrading machines and importing materials to hiring production workers and hiring management teams. All these work towards one goal: to create perfect and elegant biscuits in terms of quality, appearance and completely reasonable prices.

Strategic management of the factory is not easy

In order to help the factory operate effectively as expected, the owner must take care of the smallest things, such as detecting and removing redundant steps (or repeated steps) in the machine, rationally arranging the process sequence (before and after), planning investment, and restoring or upgrading the machine if necessary. Once the machine is running well, we must turn to the human part. How many people are needed in the factory, who is responsible for each stage, how the cookies need to be decorated, who sells and distributes the cookies... These are all up to you.

In order to do a good job in the factory, you need to remember the following principles:

  • The sweeter and more beautiful the biscuits, the higher the value.
  • But to sweeten the biscuits, you must have a good machine and a reasonable chain.
  • For beautiful biscuits, more skilled workers are needed.
  • In addition to upgrading machinery and equipment, and adjusting the production line according to the various stages of factory development, you also need to regularly "upgrade" the hamster team in the factory to ensure increased productivity and skills.
  • When selling cookies, it is also important to pay attention to the order of the order (first come, first served), and don’t let customers complain or send bad reviews.
  • When the finished product is sold, you make a lot of money. It is used to upgrade factories, machines and hire more people. Now that the scale is further expanded, the production of cookies is sufficient to meet the demand, and the income will increase. Money has been making money.

Beautify public areas to gain the loyalty and trust of employees

In the biscuit factory you own, there is also a common house for the hamsters working in the factory to live with. You can comfortably decorate this house with many interesting items purchased with your previous money. This is a great mini game experience in Hamster Biscuit Factory.

The public spaces of the house need to be decorated as comfortable as possible. Because this is a place where hamsters read, sleep, eat, and relax after hard work. If they can get quality sleep in a beautiful space, your hamster will send you love. The more hearts, the more food you can buy, so you can buy new hamsters and buy more decorations for public houses.


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