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If you have psychological issues and the anxiety that's making you nervous, don't worry; InnerHour: Self-Care Therapy will be your partner and guide you to take positive things to extremes. Join the experience of this app; you'll improve your symptoms, sleep deeper and be mentally happier.

Proactively plan self-care for different courses

Come to InnerHour: Self-Care Therapy and you will be able to take 6 courses as needed to treat your problem. The app will bring you the most comfortable space and is on a mission to take care of the most attentive and dedicated users. In it, you'll learn how to overcome fear, limit excess stress, and suppress emotions. Through this, you will improve your self-care skills, immerse yourself in more positive things, develop many good habits, and eliminate serious psychological problems.

Always follow up and find out the problem you are facing

You don't need to worry too much about negative things because InnerHour: Self-Care Therapy will be where you vent your grief with meaningful information. With the unique health monitoring tool, your mental health will be better improved in a short period of time. You also have the opportunity to practice more skills to deal with the anxiety symptoms that lead to depression. Depending on the level, you can clearly state your condition from mild to severe so that the app can find a suitable solution in time and resolve the whole thing completely.

Accompanying my friend during treatment ALLIE

Another unique feature the publisher has updated to enhance the player experience is that you will be able to chat with Allie - a preset chatbot to answer your questions. In addition, it lists a series of actions to help you relieve stress and create happiness for yourself. Join now, experience new things, and learn to stay positive and love yourself more because you are limited. InnerHour: Self-Care Therapy is the perfect and worthwhile option for you to use.

main feature

  • Experience a variety of courses designed by multiple experts to address psychological issues according to each individual's needs
  • Create a science plan to learn and practice skills to overcome invisible fears
  • Contains a lot of meaningful and valuable information to give you confidence in life and think more positive things
  • Specify your mental state so the app provides the most honest advice to help you reduce stress and anxiety
  • If you need support, you can message Allie to better understand and create the perfect self-care plan



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