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Kika Keyboard APK is a mobile keyboard with great support in user interface, attractive color themes and thousands of emojis. You can't ignore anything but you can't ignore a cute app like Kika Keyboard.

Why do you need another keyboard?

There are plenty of ways to make a difference with your smartphone inside and out. An impressive but rarely noticed item is changing the keyboard. Technology enables a wide range of application developers to create powerful, convenient and attractive keyboard applications that users can freely install and integrate into their mobile phones.

Logically, using an app that supports the character keyboard first would help speed up typing on your phone while reducing spelling errors. You'll see this very clearly when you need to type quickly, like sending a super-fast message, typing a long text on Google, or spilling emotions on your Facebook status.

On the emotional side, a virtual keyboard like this will help you to be more excited, happy and emotional when chatting with relatives, friends and colleagues. Because you will have thousands of cute expressions with different ups and downs, which is a good way to express everything you want to say.

Or if you just find the keyboards available on your smartphone too boring and want a new color every time you view and type on your phone, don't hesitate to download a keyboard app.

And out of hundreds of apps of this type, I just want to introduce Kika keyboard to you all.

What is a Kika keyboard?

Kika keyboard is a mobile keyboard with many awesome emoji styles. With Kika keyboard, you not only get an intuitive and convenient typing interface, but you can also increase speed and accuracy to communicate more efficiently.

What's in a Kika keyboard?

Why do you think people change their desktop wallpapers so often? Because there is always a new feeling, a new mood, and excitement in the process of using it. Yes, it doesn't provide any useful features, it just makes you happy. The same goes for the Kika keyboard.

When you use it on your phone, you'll have a range of keyboards with different themes, colors, and a high degree of personalization. Whether you are happy or sad, you can easily choose again. Opt for soft pastel blue tones for rainy days, bright colors for added freshness for sunny days, and if you want more style, choose a keyboard style combined with the beautiful images available in the app. You will surely find your phone very surprising.

Next, Kika keyboard has over 1,200 emojis, stickers and smileys. In particular, there are animated GIF icons for you to freely send impressive chats with friends. When it comes to emoji, no one is ahead of Gen Z and millennials. If you belong to this young and energetic group, if you don't want to be the "little old man" among your friends, it is very necessary to update a series of emojis. If you're one of the first millennials, you have to know how to use these witty symbols more to keep up with you and your kids, or they'll say you're old and don't know these things.

Intelligent AI automatically recommends suitable text and icons for users

But not only are there many emojis available to users, the Kika keyboard is also combined with AI to gain a deep understanding of user habits to suggest a range of suitable emojis to choose from. Some people are used to singing only one emotion in a conversation, like I always wink with a smiley face, or look cool with my sunglasses on.

Then while using the Kika keyboard, you can use these icons multiple times, and next time, the app will automatically read your "gut" and suggest some icons that express similar but different designs and styles. This is something many keyboard apps can't do. It helps make the routine more varied and engaging. Even if you don't plan to change too many emojis in a conversation, because sometimes it's your speaking personality when you're chatting, everything still looks colorful and appealing to people.

Spelling prediction, automatic spelling correction, and more

When using Kika keyboard, you can also have many other options, such as: choose font, key sound when pressed, set keyboard background with personal image from gallery without worrying about information leakage. You can also choose the keyboard size using one-handed mode. Or a keyboard layout that suits your typing habits. All these little things, but create a lot of comfort and convenience when typing on your phone.

In addition to that, Kika keyboard has voice control and fast and accurate typing mode with the following features: swipe to type, auto-correction and smart word prediction to limit spelling mistakes. these things are almost impossible to do



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