Review Loạn Chiến Mobile v1.0.5.0 (MOD Menu, Map)

Loạn Chiến Mobile Mod:

  • MOD Menu.
  • Map hack (you can see the enemy and the other party's eyes).

Chaos Chien Mobile is an emerging game in recent times and also occupies a large position in the hearts of many players. You probably already know Arena of Valor; This will be a version quite similar to it but with a much more interesting gameplay style. As for those who are new to the 5v5 MOBA genre for the first time and do not have a bit of experience, don't worry because the game is easy to get used to after only a few times of learning.

New Moba game like coalition

When you first enter Chaos Chien Mobile - Heroes Evolved VN, you will be taken to a virtual space to be guided from the necessary to the complex. You will learn how to move your character left, right, or run and even how to defeat your opponent. You will only take a few minutes to memorize the above operations and then return to the main lobby of the game to be able to start the matches. This is the time for you to show off your skills to take advantage of the game.

Chaos War Mobile

The feature of buying items quickly and healing does not need to be returned, you can finish a 5v5 game in less than 15 minutes. With a new breakthrough gameplay, even if you are losing, you do not have to throw the game, because the situation can be reversed at any time. Rich general system with beautiful skin constantly updated. More than 120 generals from different universes: anime, three kingdoms, Greek mythology, Norse mythology.

Features of War of War Mobile:

  • Ranked/Normal: 5v5 with 3 familiar lanes.
  • Entertainment mode: Survival (running bo)
  • 3 faction battle
  • Flag of War
  • War Valley
  • Super Speed Arena
  • All as one
  • Ultimate skill
  • 7v7



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