Review NewPipe v0.23.1 (No Ads)

NewPipe Mod APK:

  • Premium Unlocked.
  • VIP Unlocked.
  • Full Version.
  • Full Paid.
  • Features Unlocked.
  • No Ads.

As you can see, NewPipe supports several video and audio services. While it started with YouTube, others have added more services over the years, making NewPipe more and more versatile!

Partly for environmental reasons, and partly because of its popularity, YouTube is the best supported of these services. If you use or are familiar with any of these other services, please help us improve our support for them! We are looking for maintainers for SoundCloud and PeerTube.

If you plan to add a new service, please contact us first! Our documentation provides more information on how to add new services to your application and NewPipe Extractor.

NewPipe works by getting the data it needs from the official API of the service you're using, such as PeerTube. If the official API is restricted for our purposes (e.g. YouTube), or is proprietary, the application parses the website or uses the internal API. This means that you don't need an account for any service to use NewPipe.

Also, since they are free and open source software, neither the app nor the Extractor use any proprietary libraries or frameworks, such as Google Play services. This means you can use NewPipe on devices or custom ROMs that don't have the Google app installed.


  • Watch videos in resolutions up to 4K
  • Listen to the audio in the background, only load the audio stream to save the data
  • Popup Mode (Floating Player, aka Picture-in-Picture)
  • watch live
  • Show/Closed Captions/Closed Captions
  • Search for video and audio (on YouTube, you can also specify the content language)
  • Queue videos (and optionally save them as a local playlist)
  • Show/hide general information about the video (such as description and tags)
  • show/hide next/related videos
  • show/hide comments
  • Search for videos, audios, channels, playlists and albums
  • Browse video and audio within a channel
  • Subscribe to the channel (yes, no account login required!)
  • Get notified about new videos from your subscribed channels
  • Create and edit channel groups (for easy browsing and management)
  • Browse video feeds generated from your channel group
  • View and search your watch history
  • Search and watch playlists (these are remote playlists, which means they're taken from the service you're browsing)
  • Create and edit local playlists (these are created and saved within the app, not affiliated with any service)
  • Download video/audio/subtitles (closed captions)
  • Opening in Cody
  • View/block age-restricted material



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