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The advantage of an Android device is its ability to customize everything. Unlike iOS, Android does not strictly follow an existing format, and it allows users to change the appearance of the device from the smallest part through the Launcher app. Each Launcher app offers different features and styles. If you're looking for an app to change your current phone to iPhone X or iPhone 11 style, you can download OS13 Launcher to your device right now.

What is the OS13 launcher?

It's an iOS-style launcher that gives your Android phone a whole new look, just like the iPhone X or iPhone 11. With just a few taps, your phone has the usual look you'll find in Apple phones. It even gets the speed, beauty, and luxury without sacrificing Android's customization and personalization capabilities.

First thing to clarify: OS13 Launcher is inspired by iOS 13 Launcher, it is not the official launcher for iPhone. This application is completely independent of any Apple product. The main goal is to bring a new experience to Android users and help you with Android devices to enjoy the launcher style of iOS with a range of characteristic added value.

Therefore, OS13 Launcher is not original, it has redesigned all iOS icons and wallpapers, but retains the structure, layout and tone and atmosphere of the typical iOS interface.

This app is compatible with all Android 4.4+ devices. Just install it on your device and you'll instantly have a consistent collection of iOS-style app icons, from layouts, colors, to images used to design icons and background images. The phone you're familiar with every day now has a new shirt, just like a genuine iPhone X or iPhone 11.

OS13 Launcher supports iOS icon packs and almost all icons in Google Play. The app has over 500 beautiful themes and wallpapers. With this number, you can freely show all the details of your phone background in a whole new style. For those who used to like the rather rigid layout and appealing "inflexibility" of the iOS launcher, OS13 Launcher is a great tool that gives you a chance to enjoy the fun layout of your iPhone.

Multipurpose iOS Control Manager

For user convenience, OS13 Launcher also supports iOS Control Center. This all apps manager helps you to quickly find the app you are looking for as T9 search or normal search. When you're using it, just swipe up from the screen for quick access. This is a unique feature that no other iOS launcher on the market has.

This organizer has an extra nice feature: for apps that haven't been used for 15 days in a row, it's automatically put into a "rarely used" folder, so you can easily put your frequently and rarely used apps together The program sorts and then considers removing or rearranging the layout to make it more logical.

The organizer also supports sorting applications into folders. You can quickly create folders and quickly drag appropriate apps into them to categorize apps according to different criteria.

Use icons to operate

All icons on the OS13 Launcher are iOS-inspired, but have been cleverly redesigned and created their own functionality rather than copying the original. You can choose how to display these application icons at any time. OS13 Launcher combines the unique art style of iOS smartphones with the smooth customization of Android devices.

OS13 Launcher has edit mode on screen. In this mode, users can select multiple existing icons to create folders or move icons in bulk. It can save you a lot of energy rearranging everything on your phone to your liking.

For the safety of users, OS13 Launcher also has additional features such as hide apps, app lock, etc. to help lock important apps and limit others from intrusion.

Compared to other iOS Launcher apps, OS13 Launcher is one of the Launcher apps with the most transitions and animations. It brings richness, versatility and charm to your mobile device. Just looking at it makes me feel young and energetic.

Supports many useful utilities

They are phone booster, battery saver, junk cleaner, dual app, eye protection. In addition, users can customize screen grid size, multiple dock pages, dock background configuration. You can also use the same weather widget as on the iPhone, plus many handy gesture icons. These features are small but very convenient to use.

With OS13 Launcher, you can also quickly lock the screen layout with one click, preventing children or others from changing the order you set for your phone.

OS13 Launcher also allows you to change fonts when needed and toggle back and forth between three color modes Light, Dark, Auto Adaptation to limit eye strain in any light...



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