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You want to do a lot with PDF files and still haven't found a satisfactory application. You want to find a lightweight app for your device with an easy-to-understand interface and simple and smooth operation. So you can quickly and easily edit what you want, export and save the file. Time to try out the PDF Extra MOD APK.

Manipulate PDF files for free on your phone and tablet

Most files used for work are in .pdf format. Part of the reason is that they have good security and retain all the formatting of the original file, so there are no font or layout or image errors. Plus, it's easy to store and share when needed. But to read and edit these PDF files smoothly, we will need specialized support tools, as most smartphones do not natively support this feature. And choosing an app to handle such PDF files is also a difficult problem, as there are quite a few apps with their own pros and cons to try and know.

Today, I want to introduce you to the application I use on my phone for working with PDF files, PDF Extra. So far I think it's pretty good, nothing to complain about.

What makes PDF Extra stand out?

PDF Extra is a PDF reader and editor with many basic and in-depth features. Comfortable and lightweight, you can freely view, edit, share, compress, convert, print and manage .pdf files on your phone.

In addition to these, there are many other great features such as creating signatures, encrypting data to improve file security, quickly sharing and backing up cloud data.

In the past, I've tried some apps that can also read and edit PDF documents. But I found something missing in these apps. There's not much I need to do, but it's basic but a little special. I really needed advanced features like file format conversion or security that the application at the time couldn't support. But PDF Extra is enough.

Powerful file conversion function

As I said, one of the reasons I stick with PDF Extra is this feature. The ability to convert files in PDF Extra must be said to be very powerful. It can convert any PDF file to Word, Excel, Epub file and vice versa. You can then edit and manipulate these files as freely as you would on your computer. It still helps maintain the quality of images, text, colors and page layouts available in the original PDF file.

When needed, we can even use PDF Extra to intervene more deeply in the existing PDF file structure, such as rearranging pages, merging PDF files. It's also a feature that many other apps don't have.

Create PDF files from existing paper documents

With this application, you can scan files and digitize paper documents into standard PDF files that can be viewed, transferred, shared, and edited. Like a real portable scanner. You can create single-page PDF files or scan dozens of pages in one file with in-app automatic batch processing. Not all PDF reader applications have this capability. This feature is useful if you frequently deal with essays, credentials, and certificates.

You can download available PDF files to the application or scan paper to PDF files. After that, you can view, write comments, take notes with drawing tools, and highlight text with annotation tools available in the app. And you can do more advanced editing, such as editing text, images, designs, signatures... all these processes are very convenient.

Connect directly to a cloud account

If you don't want to store files on your phone, you can save files on your cloud account. PDF Extra can connect to all popular cloud systems today, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive... The app also provides a free 5GB of memory to save documents. 5GB isn't a lot either, so you can keep a lot of documents on your phone. Since PDF Extra has cross-device synchronization, the data stored by the application can be read from multiple devices.



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