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The Photo & Picture Resizer tool allows you to quickly reduce or increase the size of your photos. You can use it to resize photos via text messages, emails and Facebook forms.

Photo and; Photo & Picture Resizer can be used to quickly resize images. You can use Photo & Picture Resizer to easily reduce image size without sacrificing quality. You don't have to manually save the resized pictures as they are automatically saved in a separate folder called "Pictures/PhotoResizerand".

Useful app Photo & Picture Resizer for Android devices. It allows you to reduce the size of your photos and choose the correct resolution. Photo & Picture Resizer app is designed to make resizing images easy and fast. Image Resizer does just one thing: it quickly resize images in an easy-to-use way. The list of resolutions is determined by the camera resolution. This allows you to maintain the image aspect ratio. Photo Resizer allows you to resize images before uploading them to Instagram, Pinterest Reddit Reddit Google VKontakte KakaoTalk and other social media.

You'll find that sending emails with multiple attachments is more common than the maximum message size. If your email allows you to send a 5MB message (MB) and you only include two images in the attachment (a photo taken with a tablet or phone camera today is about 5MB), you may exceed the maximum message size. This is where image scaling applications can be very useful. It helps you not exceed the maximum message size limit of your email account. Attach smaller photos to your emails by reducing the size of images before composing.

Image resizer features:

  • Batch resize (multiple photos resize)
  • The original image remains unchanged
  • All resized images are automatically saved in the output folder

Resized quality photos

  • Multiple resized photos without quality loss
  • Browse photos with gestures

Reduced photo size preserves original quality and aspect ratio

Excellent compression (4MB image downscales to approx. 400KB for resolution 800x600

  • Set the resolution to 1920×1080 2048×1152 (2448 pixels wide x 1152 pixels high)
  • Custom aspect ratio is 3×3 or 16×9
  • Reduce the size of photos printed by Instagram Whatsapp
  • Change the size of the photo
  • Scale image size
  • Click to enlarge
  • YouTube Banner Maker, 2048×1152
  • Reduce photo size to KB MB

You can use photo editor easily:

  • Send via email or SMS
  • Share on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Flickr Discord KakaoTalk, etc.).

It's nice to have a phone with a good camera with thousands of pixels per inch. But if your photos aren't going to be sent to friends, you might as well throw your phone and charger in the mail and send them to them. It's a no-brainer! You can solve all problems and reduce the size of your photos with our photo resizer.

  • This image resizer app is loved by users!
  • This is the ideal image resizer.



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