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ProShot APK is an application for improving the productivity of photography on Android devices. Download and use ProShot and you'll get a host of advanced customization features that will turn your phone's ordinary camera into a professional one.

How do I upgrade the normal camera on my phone?

Have you ever wondered how your phone camera is sometimes too… unsuitable for taking beautiful pictures? Is there a way to change the camera's custom parameters to make photos look great without Photoshop? right here. Its name is ProShot.

ProShot provides users with advanced customization of the camera on Android devices, such as shutter speed adjustment, ISO adjustment, white balance, gray balance... It is one of the few apps that allows deep interference with hardware camera functions. ProShot has always been greatly trusted by the Android community. Its influence grew as it was consistently ranked among the most popular apps by major tech sites like Engadget and Gizmodo.

The ProShot interface is very easy to understand and use: the background is black, the text and icons are white, and functions in use are highlighted in blue. Each icon has a clearly marked name, and when you click it, several lines of comments appear. With this design, anyone can use it as long as they know basic English.

What can you do with ProShot?

Imagine a phone that's now no longer attached to a normal mid-range photo camera, but instead becomes a true DSLR. This means that ProShot has any adjustment options in a real DSLR camera.

You can choose manual or automatic control mode. in:

Automatic mode is fully preconfigured. You just lift, focus, and shoot. Of course, the quality of the photos will be completely different from those without ProShot. It will be much better, I promise.

Manual control mode is where you can customize all parameters related to the semi-professional shooting process, such as exposure, flash, focus, ISO adjustment, shutter speed and white balance. ProShot supports light painting with infinite shutter, so you can freely adjust it to your liking.

Also, just like a real camera, you can choose photos as RAW or JPEG files depending on the purpose of use. In addition, you can freely choose the ratio (16:9, 4:3 and 1:1) or customize the shooting aspect ratio (21:9, 17:10, 50:3).

It is important to note that before using ProShot, you should download the ProShot Evaluator app to evaluate the details of camera parameters available on your device and to get suggestions on compatible features so that you can use ProShot more quickly and efficiently.

Ability to Depth Interfere with Moving Cameras

ProShot is very supportive for the camera in the exposure custom level. It can trigger up to +/-3 exposures in ⅓-stop increments.

If you only need to adjust one of the above dedicated indicators, you can choose single indicator mode and the rest of the indicators will be automatically adjusted by the application's AI. For example, while prioritizing shutter speed, ISO and exposure follow automatically, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

Manual focus with ProShot is also very easy. Like on a professional camera, there are all the necessary focus points: 3, 6 or 12 points. You are free to focus on your photos. Plus, ProShot offers a zoom mode that can be done quickly with one or two clicks in a row.

Do you want to know if these metrics apply to the front camera? The answer is yes, but only in the ability to control exposure, which helps reduce the glare that often occurs with selfies.

What about video production?

In addition to the dedicated real camera simulation features mentioned above, ProShot brings a blissful paradise to those who like to shoot on their phones with very advanced video features such as:

Video recording function.

  • Supports 4K (3840×2160) video recording (using supported devices).
  • Adjust the resolution, frame rate and bit rate.
  • Zoom and change any camera parameter even while recording video.
  • Real-time audio input.
  • Manually controlled time-lapse photography.
  • Flash is provided when recording video.



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