Review Stick War: Legacy v2022.1.32 (Unlimited Money)

Stick War: Legacy Mod:

  • Unlimited Money: Your Gems are unlimited

Stick War: Legacy MOD (Infinity Stones) APK version will help you have the most fun and exciting entertainment moments. Just download the game and join the stickman war!

Introducing Stick Wars: Legacy

Surely you already know many famous stickman fighting games, right? It is not difficult to mention good examples such as Stickman Legend, Stickman Revenge, Stickman Fight... Previously, most of them were very famous and had very high ratings. Today you will learn about a new game about stickman fighting. This is Stick Wars: Legacy, War Between Stick Men. This is probably the most popular and highly rated strategy game.

Playing Stick War: Legacy, you will come to the world of Inamorta with many powerful empires. Each country has its own specialties, and for them, weapons are seen as a deadly culture. They are all about to invade the country of which you are the emperor. As a wise and compassionate leader, you are sure to enjoy peace. However, in the context that the country is always in a critical position, it is imperative to build a powerful military force, ready to repel all attacks of the enemy. In addition, you must develop mining to fortify a solid economic base.

In Stick War: Legacy, you will become a king who rules a kingdom with reason and peace. Weapons, violence and war are not your style. However, neighboring countries have a modern weapons industry and always want to wage war to invade your kingdom.

As a strategy game, instead of controlling a character, you command a powerful army of stickman warriors. Take control and build your own strategic squad consisting of soldiers, swordsmen, mages or giants. When properly set up and armed, they can yield great combat power. Alternatively, you can use store-bought amulets to apply powerful spells to your troops.

Gold coins are also a resource

Each force in Stick War: Legacy is not only powerful militarily but most importantly, they need to have strong economic potential. Just like in real life, the military powers of the world have a lot of economic resources or huge investments in their militaries. This game is no exception. You need a lot of gold coins to build a strong army. Let's exploit the resources in the territory. There are many groups of workers and miners ready to work day and night to extract gold from the mines. Pay attention to upgrade your miners to make the most of your resources and optimize the amount of gold you can mine each day.

In addition to the source of gold, an extremely valuable currency in Stick War: Legacy is gems. It helps you to upgrade your combat units by strengthening your stickman soldiers. It also makes miners work twice as fast for a certain amount of time. In particular, gems are used to purchase spells that contain common spells.

Combat in Stick War: Legacy is very tactical. Countries that want to invade you have their own unique modern warfare techniques. If you defeat them, you can win valuable loot and a piece of territory. War is cruel, but it will greatly benefit the victor. Remember: "The strong win". If you have the right strategy and a group of fearless warriors, you can defeat anyone.

Such as the balance of melee soldiers on the front lines (swordsmen, horsemen...) and ranged troops like archers... Giants can attack powerfully and can also protect statues. good stone. . It's all about destroying your opponent's statue and protecting your tower. Through each battle, we can see that the quality of this leader is excellent, both in terms of combat leadership and strategy. It's you!

Multiple game modes

Stick War: Legacy has many game modes for you to try. Fighting in the world of Inamorta is exciting, but it's just a classic game mode. You can play many other modes like survival or tournament. With survival mode, your stickman army has to survive in the zombie world. If you want to be more competitive, Tournament Mode is where you clash with other players around the world.



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