Review The Battle Cats v11.8.0 (Unlimited XP/Cat Food)

The Battle Cats Mod:

  • Lots of XP and Cat Food (9999999) NOTE: When entering the game need to download data, open the download network, disconnect the network immediately after selecting the age, exit the game, go to the phone settings management application, find the game, and close all online permissions of the game so that the game runs normally

Download The Battle Cats MOD APK now and get unlimited XP and cat food in this cool cat mind saver game. But first, I will share some relevant information about the game.

Introducing Battle Cats

Are you a cat lover? Join the cat war now and protect the earth with cute cats.

When the planet is going through an economic crisis, strike the planet with horror and build a dominant cat. Then they took over all the nuclear power plants and transferred the power to the time machine. It's really not easy when being stopped and attacked by many other animals.

Exactly. The control mechanism in The Battle Cats is very simple, you just need to touch the moving cat on the screen. Usually in most types of strategy games, you need to calculate your strategy and plan it carefully. This game is completely different, a cute cartoon style strategy game that makes things easier and cuter than ever.

Battle Cats is a tower defense game where you will have to defend your base with a pack of strangely shaped cats you've never seen before. Each different cat has different strengths and different roles, so you need to choose a reasonable cat. Your enemies are very formidable opponents and their shape will definitely make you laugh with animals like dogs, snakes, hippos, and more.

When the animals appear and gradually attack your base, you will accumulate a certain amount over time, you just need to click on the cat icon you want to choose. Once spawned, your cat will automatically join the fight against any enemies it encounters along the way, until they destroy all factions or die. So the only thing you have to do is consider who has enough strength to attack the animals in your base. You can then choose cats that can reasonably resist these animals. When your opponent is too crowded and you don't have enough money to choose a cat, your special weapon is a very suitable choice. Special weapons help you deal a lot of damage to wipe out a large number of enemies on the map. Treasure is also a very important thing in the game, you need to collect as much as possible, it can help you create very powerful items and increase the solidity of your base.

One thing I find that stands out from some other tower defense games is the amount of characters. In Battle Cats, there are over 300 cats to choose from while fighting in a style never before seen. But you can only get 10 different types of cats per battle. You can make your cat stronger by upgrading them. When reaching the maximum level of 10, your cat has tremendous power, much greater than the first level.

In addition, a very interesting point that most online games today are aimed at is the interaction between players. I think the game should have a PvP mode where players can challenge other players in 1v1 matches, which would be interesting.


Graphically, Battle Cat is simple and unremarkable, but it caught my attention. The colors in the game are very bright, the animal design has some basic touches but looks very attractive.

In y opinion, The Battle Cats is a very interesting game, not only in terms of gameplay but also in graphics. This game is also a great choice for you to play with your children to help them gain an interesting view of the animal world..



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