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X-plore file manager mod apk  helps you quickly access and view all files on your Android phone

Personal computers and notebooks have been used for a while, there are many folders, up and down, inside and out, and many classes. It is not easy to check and find files. Not only computers, mobile phones, tablets, but also a maze of icons scattered everywhere. If one day you find that no matter how tidy you are, it is difficult to control all the information on your phone, then it's time to use this X-plore file manager app.

Imagine a wardrobe with double compartments. Each level has one layer. You can see both compartments at the same time. X-plore has a similar display. You will see two folders quickly displayed at the same time, easily view files, browse files, copy, rename between these two folders...

When it comes to vertical display, X-plore file manager is a modern directory tree style, with a clear directory hierarchy, combining classic layering concepts and a new style interface, making it the clearest appearance for users. Said the easiest.

When using a smartphone, one of the main inconveniences is opening too many tabs, viewing too many folders at once, slowing down the phone, or even getting stuck. But with the X-plore file manager, displaying, viewing and browsing, and even doing some basic actions on these folders on the phone, will still not affect the memory or device capacity. This is the best point I highly appreciate in this application.

Sometimes you need to connect your phone to view USB storage and hard drives. In these cases, an application like X-plore file manager will be very useful. The number of files/folders in these external collections may be more or less. Nevertheless, to clearly see everything, from current files to hidden files, it is difficult for ordinary mobile phones with built-in directory browsing capabilities to do this. X-plore allows you to freely view the contents of external storage as they are displayed on the computer.

Just by accessing your cloud account, you can access the directory tree in cloud storage in any popular format. The accessibility list of X-plore file manager must be said to be respectable, including Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Amazon Cloud Disk, ОБЛАКО,, OneDrive, Flickr, Webdav, Yandex .disk , MediaFire, Owncloud, SugarSync, GMX,

Provides a set of functions similar to a mini PC

Download a small application like X-plore to your device and you will see everything. Not only display, copy, and transpose, you can also use X-plore to do more than expected. I will give you some to show you how applications can change my technical life:

X-plore includes a music player that can play any music available on the device to relax while working.

There is a unique feature: Vault, which allows users to quickly encrypt sensitive files/folders using passwords or their own fingerprints.

Programmers can even browse the SQLite database (with the extension .db) on the phone in the form of a list of expanded tables through the X-plore application. Each table has rows and columns with corresponding database entries.

Not only display regular folders, but X-plore also helps to open special files/folders in Zip/Rar and 7zip formats. It also allows files to be compressed in the same format as described above. In my opinion, this is a very useful feature when using a smart phone to support work.

You can also use X-plore to create your own favorite folders and quickly access these favorite lists.

There are pictures, music, and videos. In my opinion, X-plore's support functions are also very rich. For example, you can browse pictures, audio and text files at the same time, support video playback with subtitles, and quickly check picture zooming, folding and moving image positions. To other folders.

Finally, sharing information from mobile phones and tablets to other media and tools is very easy. Send files, emails, or any supported device via Bluetooth.



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