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Refresh your smartphone with ZEDGE wallpapers and ringtones. If you're too familiar with your phone, but can't afford a new one, or want to change your old one, ZEDGE is for you. With rich HD wallpapers, live wallpapers, ringtones or alarm clock sounds and genres, you can freely personalize your smartphone to your liking and needs.

Catch up with modern trends

With the rise of GenZ, even Gen alpha, no matter how advanced the phone configuration is, it cannot meet the needs of all users. Breakthroughs in style, especially advocating individualism in daily life, personalizing smartphones according to their needs, are the goals that young people have been pursuing.

In ZEDGE™ wallpapers and ringtones, a constantly updated database of images and sounds keeps up with the times, bringing styles from Asia to Europe. Lightweight resources, easy-to-use interface is what attracts sympathy from many users. The main color is deep, mysterious, yet enchanting. Just by visiting the app, customers will instantly get a new and modern feel on their phone. It will inspire you to get the best viewing angle and style of your phone.

Huge, Crucial Wallpaper

A huge database of wallpapers is waiting for you. All products are creatively shaped and carefully selected. It contains all styles, from cute to cool, classic to modern, light to dark. The wallpapers are divided into different screen sizes, with quality ranging from Full HD to 4k, to suit every device configuration. Publishers take this very seriously, so don't worry about your phone being too old or too different.

A catalog of live wallpapers for all different needs.

If your mobile phone is very interesting when it is turned on, the screen is no longer a rigid picture, but a dynamic picture, which is full of eye-catching and interesting. Live wallpapers have also been carefully considered to be able to adapt to different types of phones. You also don't need to worry too much about battery resources. It only moves once when you turn it on, which doesn't have much effect on your phone's battery.

Rich ringtones, alarm clocks, notification sounds

Instantly change old music from your smartphone with the huge sound store in ZEDGE™ wallpapers and ringtones. Will you believe me when I say this is the biggest audio store you'll find in any app? Knowing the musical styles of the modern youth, the game publisher has crafted thousands of different songs with different melodies, sure to satisfy any discerning guest.

Alarm clock music and notification sounds are also updated with many innovative melodies. Guaranteed that when they ring, they'll catch your attention immediately, with curiosity and excitement, not the uncomfortable feeling that they used to be. ZEDGE's audio shop is sure to bring a lot of fun and energy to your daily study and work.

Data is updated based on your activities and preferences

Like a close friend, the app will store and remember your personal preferences and remind or refer you to similar data. During important festivals of the year such as Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Children's Day, family holidays, your birthday, the app will be continuously updated to provide you with images and sounds suitable for the event. How refreshing the phone will be with the regular change of important events of the year.

Waiting for your new improvements in this update

Improved data retention in your account. Your job is now simple. Just log in successfully and the app will store all the changes you selected. Paid wallpapers and ringtones have also been added, and you can now have special quality music or images for very little money. The payment method for these services has also been revised to make it easier to operate.

Remember, before making changes, you must make sure to allow the app to access Contacts, Photos, Media, Storage, System, Locations. Don't worry, your personal data will never be touched. The music and images in ZEDGE™ wallpapers and ringtones are precious and it's time to replace your familiar phone.



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