Review Dungeon Quest Seeker v1.1.2 (Unlimited Money)

Dungeon Quest Seeker Mod:

  • Unlimited gold.
  • Unlimited  diamond.
  • Increase as you use.

Dungeon Quest Seeker is a hack-and-slash action RPG with different fighting styles for each weapon, whether it's slashing with a sword or shooting with a bow. There are different ways of fighting depending on the weapon you equip, and you can freely train by specifying the status.

In Dungeon Quest Seeker, you can operate with action specifications such as character movement by sliding and attack by pressing the attack button. In terms of attacks, the action will be completely different depending on the type of weapon you equip. Knives and swords are close range attacks, while bows are ranged attacks. Find easy-to-use gear and build your attacking style.

Free character development

Level up based on battle experience points and you earn a certain number of status points and skill points. Consume each point and freely assign numbers to develop your character. The so-called pole rotation is also doable, but be aware that you can't become powerful unless you enhance your status and skills with the right weapon. Thanks to the minimap, the interconnected parts like the map can be easily seen, and the target's magic circle is also displayed, so it's good not to get lost.



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