Review Kingdom Wars v2.7.3 (Unlimited Money)

Kingdom Wars MOD APK is a tower defense strategy game, quite attractive and lots of "land" for you to freely show your creative tactical talent. Highly appreciated by many gamers both for the plot and gameplay. Let's see how things play out in the game.

Basic graphics but enough to "shake" any player

Not too heavy on the bulky, complicated image and the extremely high capacity, Kingdom Wars has a fairly basic design. Create cute, fun chibi-styled soldiers and beasts. The surrounding perspective is also quite leisurely, without many layers, mainly to make a difference in feeling.

The sound is also just okay. The background music is soft and not too many songs. The sound is mainly chopping and slashing effects throughout the gameplay. Brothers who have high expectations for the image and sound may be a bit disappointed. But, in return, entering the game, when the gameplay begins, you will be stunned by the unique gameplay of Kingdom Wars

Strong in content

The story in Kingdom Wars is in the style of those who want to understand deeply, then shallow. A little shallow, Kingdom Wars's defense is basically just a monster invading the kingdom, you have to lead the whole army to protect the territory and stop the enemy. Anyone who has ever played a "front-end" game called Dragon Storm of the same company will know that this is the sequel. Many years ago the humans once defeated the monsters, sealing them in the deep ground. But now they have accumulated enough hidden weapons, immense hatred and decided to "will revenge". Begin a series of invasions of the human kingdom, more intense and more prolific than the previous one.

Strong in gameplay

Basically, Kingdom Wars is just a typical goalkeeper. But the beauty will lie in many small details in the process of playing. It's a school that makes you blush constantly every time you discover something interesting and unexpected.

The task of leading the soldiers, played by you, will strategize, control the generals to cope, and prevent the storm of attacks from the crazy monsters out there. The screen is divided into two halves, the left side is the host faction, the right side is the monster faction. The monsters will constantly attack, show all kinds of tricks that make you struggle from screen to screen.

The first interesting point begins when you realize the monsters continuously have many different skills. Each of them has a unique move, the size, shape and attack method is also different. On their side, soldiers also have special skills. But the number of uses is always limited depending on the type, so you must constantly consider it, only using it when absolutely necessary. This limitation forces the player to constantly think, judge and make urgent decisions. Here I am, you will understand that the game is small, but the amount of work that you have to shoulder is not small at all.

The second attraction is in the upgrade system which is so diverse that it is quite confusing. As a matter of fact, every tower player has upgraded, weapons and soldiers. But in Kingdom Wars, the system is much deeper. There are two attributes you will level up through the levels: Soldiers and Citadel.

Specifically with soldiers, you will have the opportunity to increase the strength of your soldiers, and then every time you pass the screen, you will get gold coins. This gold coin is used to "buy" new soldier characters with different skills and destructive power. Note: the amount of money to buy soldiers is quite high, so you also need to think before you die.

Strongholds are also upgradeable. If minions are for attack, then citadel is what you need to solidify your defenses and effectively stop the enemy. There are many upgrade stats for the Citadel: increase its hardness, increase its weapon strength. In particular, there is an additional Food Creation Rate, representing the survival ability of the entire force, both the people in the city and the soldiers fighting around. There is a new way to defend the religion, just remember that.

Soaring Tactics

The above two charms are still not enough. You will also witness the "melancholy" levels in Kingdom Wars. In which the tactical element elevates to another level. The first few levels are still easy to pass, turtles can also handle it. But through the later stages, the battle is really tense. Monsters flock to both many and diverse, one after another, sometimes rushing to the whole herd, in which there are many small and large mixed. They have dragons and ghosts, buffalo-headed monsters, horse-faced monsters, Bull Demon King, Ghost Snake… all the monsters your imagination can't think of, Kingdom Wars has it all.

But each one doesn't just shoot to death, you have to use a sledgehammer to fall from above to crush them, use a hurricane to blow away a bunch of monsters, use a heavy champion with iron wings to shoot a series of arrows at the same time, The huge flying spaceship, the heavy crossbow like that of God Kim Quy of Vietnam… only hope to be able to stop it.

Features Mod:

  • Unlimited Money.
  • Full Version.
  • Full Paid.
  • Features Unlocked.



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