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The Pokemon manga series by Hidenori Kusaka is one of the famous manga series, loved all over the world. This is a special manga series adapted from the video game of the same name, about the adventures of Red guy and Pikachu in the journey to find and train animals with special powers. Later, based on the inspiration from the series on the publishers have produced many Pokemon-related games (including originals and copies), such as Pokemon GO, Nexomon, Pokémon Quest … for mobile devices and tablets.

Neo Monsters is also quite interesting game called clone of Pokemon, published by Resonant and ZigZaGame. The game costs $0.99 but is currently free to download and install on Google Play, so install it today. Alternatively, you can install the game for free by downloading the APK file or the MOD version of this game below. If you love Pokemon and related games, let's explore the exciting features of the game with me before downloading it to your phone.

Neo Monsters story

The story of Neo Monsters takes us to a vast world thousands of years ago. Verosia Empire – a mighty kingdom united from various archipelagos after being destroyed by the First One giants. The Descendants of the Heroes stopped the giants by assembling the best warriors, then they trained and used beasts of special power on each island. The Kingdom of Verosia was ruled by the young Prince and his widowed mother after the king's death.

You will be playing the role of Hector Finnegan – a great animal trainer of Verosia that the people have known. Every day thousands of people flock to the capital Othlon to see him compete in the Monster League. Of course, Hector's fame reached the royal ears, and he was invited to the palace to meet the Prince. But a terrible crime happened the very day Hector arrived at the palace, the Prince and his mother were brutally murdered. And the most suspected person by the court was none other than poor Finnegan. Use your talent to train animals, adventure across the kingdom to escape and find answers to the mysteries in the above case.

Neo Monsters gameplay

Similar to Nexomon or some Pokemon games, the player's task is to find the strongest animals to complete his collection, taking care of them like your pet. Not only nurturing, you also have to train them to be ready to face dangerous opponents in the Monster League arena. Basically, how to capture animals and train them is the same as other pet farming games. You grow foods suitable for each species, feed them then they will grow, level up and evolve at certain levels. Once grown up, you can cross between two different species to create a new species, possessing the random powers of their parents, such as having a Fire skill and a Lightning skill. The incubation process also takes quite a long time.

Neo Monsters has hundreds of different beasts divided into many categories with different stats and powers. Each time your animal level up, they will gain one training point. You can choose one of four stat points to level up including Attack, Defense, Health or Agility. PvE or PvP mode featuring 4v4 matches between you and other players or the game's AI. Your squad can be up to 16 different monsters in an epic match. With turn-based play, you need to calculate and come up with a strategy that suits your strength and that of your opponent. This game is interesting in that I can compete in both Online and Offline modes. The game's 200 missions are a very good way for you to earn money and experience.

Neo Monsters graphics

Neo Monsters has classic but very intuitive 2D graphics. During a match, the main screen of the game is divided into two, corresponding to each team. This gives you a clear view of what's going on in the game.



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