Review Play Together v1.52.0 (Menu/Auto fishing/Lock Camera)

Play Together Mod:

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  • Menu.
  • Auto fishing.
  • Donated.
  • Lock Camera.

The Avatar game on Nokia phones has been associated with the childhood of the 8x, 9x generations for a while. Although loved by many players, that legendary game has closed in many gamers' regrets, because there are not many Java gamers left. If you want to go back to your childhood once, you can try Play Together, the game that is considered a version of Avatar for touch phones.

Play Togther is a casual game released on December 30, 2020 by publisher Haegin. Although it has only been over a month since its release, the game has been downloaded more than 50,000 times on Google Play along with a 4.5/5 star rating. With such a successful start, the game promises to cause a boom in the near future.

Feel free to choose your own character

Coming to the world of Play Together, you can unleash your own character creation. At the beginning of the game, you will be able to choose everything you want for the character, from gender, hairstyle to skin color, expression, etc. You can completely create your own character full of fish. according to personal style.

Not only that, the game also has a lot of different types of costumes. You can become an astronaut, fireman and a doctor. If you are a girl and want something a little more feminine, the game also has cute animal costumes and cute cartoon characters for you.

The central Plaza is full of fun

The main context of the game revolves around a fun-filled Plaza center with different activities. Plaza is the place where you can eat, play games and shop for your character. You will have to spend most of your time here!

Although you can freely do the activities you like, when you first start the game, you need to do the tasks that the game offers. Don't worry if you don't know the map and go to the wrong place! There will always be someone to guide you and arrows to help you complete your mission. The game will have a lot of missions spread out on the map around the central Plaza. Through the process of doing those tasks, you also gradually discover different interesting places.

Play with friends

Because the game name is Play Together, the game will focus a lot on the interaction between you and your friends. There are countless activities that you can do with your friends such as driving to the campsite, the suburbs or even going out to sea. Moreover, you can also participate in mini-games in the Plaza center with your friends. The game currently has more than 15 mini-games with a variety of different genres.

Not only with your friends, you can completely make friends and chat with other players around the world. The interface of the game always has a chat bar below that makes it easier to talk to other characters when near each other. Try to start a conversation, maybe after this game you will find your other half?

Build your own world

Your friends are all offline and you have to play alone? It's okay because you can do a lot of interesting things by yourself. Do quests to earn more money. “Visit thousands”, “shrug off”, “visit thousands”,… Just work hard, you will soon have enough money to buy yourself the things you want.

Buy a car to go out with friends. Choose the car you like best, from luxury convertibles to old-fashioned classic cars. Besides, you can also buy lovely and cute pets to take care of. The game currently has more than 27 types of pets for you to take care of such as dogs, cats, and birds. Take care of your pets by feeding and walking them every day. Not only that, the children are also very smart, you can teach them different requests like “sit down”, “jump”, …

Not only earn money from completing quests, you can also earn more from enrolling in the in-game school. Here, you can choose to be anyone like a new student, teacher or even the principal. If you choose to be a student, learning is not boring at all when the subjects will be taught in the form of fun and humorous mini-games.


The graphics of Play Together are excellent when using extremely lovely and cute 3D animated images. The context in the game is also made very meticulously and honestly, recreating a bustling and fun center in real life.



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