Review Summoner's Greed: Empire TD v1.50.7 (Unlimit Diamonds/Coins/Power Stones)

Summoner's Greed Mod:

  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Coins
  • One Hit
  • God Mode
  • Unlimited Skills
  • Cooldown Reduction
  • Infinite Orbs
  • Unlimited Power Stones.

The character you are playing is a pragmatic magician. Typically, this guy doesn't care about any fish. The goal is very clear, use all that is available to steal the Artifact from the king's treasure. The beasts that this greedy mage unleashed in battle were for that sole purpose. So you guys forget about the emotional scenes, the reason imbued with noble human love. There is no such concept here.

The game is played in batches. The next wave of struggle is always stronger than the previous wave. Enemy troops will move along the roads. You, the greedy mage, will set up your array of monsters in sections of the road and set up defenses in pre-designated places to take the lead. Every time you defeat any enemy, you will get money. Money accumulates gradually to upgrade wards and unlock new mysterious creatures.

Praise be to the Summoner's rich array of superior monsters

Really respect the design of this game. The element of magic is fully utilized in this game. You can see magic and legendary monsters appear everywhere, in every level and somewhere modern. They are the smiley Slime, the hellhound the right way to get cranky all the time, or the super-strength Teddy Bear...

The only thing is that they are always changing, in all shapes and sizes. Each one is a different shape, color, charisma and style. Initially when only a few monsters are summoned, you will find it a bit lonely in the midst of this wild battle and this top-down perspective. But when the Summoner has leveled up, can summon several monsters at the same time, the chessboard is often overwhelming. Especially at that time, the flexibility and diversity of tactics became much more attractive.

In the game, mages will have countless opportunities to collect monsters and save them, summoning slowly. The content of the replay scenes is virtually endless. Excitement is constantly coming from new and new appearances of the summoned beasts. You'd be surprised how much there is to discover in this seemingly simple game.


Summoner's Greed is a strategy game from PIXIO. The principle of Summoner's Greed is simply to collect monsters whenever possible. And freely summon them to destroy the enemy, to achieve the purpose of the mage.

And it must be admitted that the Strategy side of this game is done quite well. Almost from the time I tried it out, I always have to pay close attention to the battlefield, then create new arrays continuously so that in limited space, I can both destroy all enemies and lose less force. most quantity.

You should note that each summoning must follow a separate skill system, which includes the mage's own skills. The mage's skills are very diverse, one full of haunting moves for the enemy. Which is Fireball, Double Monster Attack, Epic Coin Digger, Deep Freeze, Lightning… Each skill has a certain cooldown (usually a bit long). The higher the damage, the longer it takes.

And each wave of defense will depend on the summoner's Endurance. The later you accumulate more endurance, the automatic defense will also increase.

On the other side of the battlefield, where the instinctive weak people constantly struggle from the evil, you will also constantly bring out a lot of Knights and Heroes to fight against the Mages. Each Knight will have different stats and are completely different from the usual baby toad soldiers. If your monster kills the Knight, you will get a lot of money and equipment to level up to make the already strong monster stronger. But in return, the Knight can freely "close" the match if he does not aim to fight the monsters from your side.

Along with the endless content available, Summoner's Greed also has a lot of "side content" such as mini games, weekly matches. And if you win, you will own quite a lot of attractive rewards such as rare summons, and good luck appearing on the way of the wanderer.

Automatic mode for those who are lazy to plow

Obviously a long story with no end. But not everyone has enough time to pursue a fairly massive game, no matter how fun it is. I was a bit surprised when I played for a while and remembered that according to the publisher's introduction, this is an arcade, idle game. That means there will be an automatic mechanism somewhere, in addition to the fantasy and role-playing genre that is obvious from the start.

To always serve a group of gamers who want to have fun but are lazy to plow, Summoner's Greed has a pretty sophisticated automatic system. With Auto Mode, your monsters will fight diligently even when you are offline. Going further, they can also set up an upgrade system for themselves when they see that the master mage has the necessary amount of money. Note lightly that these automatic styles are limited to a period of time. So when the busy time is over, hurry back to the "pets" if you don't want to be crushed by the king's army.



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