Review AutoChess Moba v1.0.4

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Weigh in the world of AutoChess Moba and experience unrivaled showdowns!

AutoChess Moba is an innovative MOBA game with an asymmetrical map, all heroes are FREE FEES to get. Related to the worldview of AutoChess Moba, familiar pieces are converted into heroes, starting a new battle journey. Keeping with the view that fairness and justice are important, AutoChess Moba put a lot of work into creating an adaptable arena in which you can all reach your remarkable potential. All heroes are free; Win or lose depends on skill and strategy. Special and exciting combinations of abilities, combinations of items, alternate day and night beam systems, destructible terrain and more are all in AutoChess Moba.

< p>[Game Features]

- Totally fair competition, all heroes are FREE to get

In AutoChess Moba you can get all heroes for FREE. No rune upgrades, no bonus attributes in battle, no pay to win. Defeat it with fair and righteous skills and strategies.

-5v5 Team Battle, Marching to Glory

Witness your growth in AutoChess Moba. Gather around your colleagues in the spirit of harambee. Winning the game is just a slip and fall. From Journeyman to King, every battle will honor your efforts.

-Pioneer hero design, texture of innovation & classic

Each hero has Four exclusive abilities with sundry edges, has a high skill limit, and is beginner-friendly. Fast roaming, DPS nuke, durable top lane, flank death...

build a specific lineup to deliver decisive uterine combos and pounding beats hot. Moreover, based on Auto Chess, AutoChess Moba conducts more creative artistic design improvement. Enjoy a unique and video game experience with these familiar characters.

-New Asymmetrical Map, Strategy & Development Strategy

The all-new asymmetrical map takes tactics to the next level. Team up with your comrades and share the joy and misfortune or just jump into a fight without getting discouraged.. The thrilling performance is on the volatile battlefield. All of this is waiting for you to launch!

-Ingenious item system, choose at will

Your items, you call the photos! Break the hackneyed item system design. In AutoChess Moba, you can buy and equip heroes with various performance items. Blink abilities, Mass Control abilities, and Damage Reduction abilities, exploit them sensibly to take advantage of all the benefits and win the game.



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