Review Cars Arena: Fast Race 3D v1.67.2 (Add Gloves/Rocket Booster)

Features Mod:

  • Add Gloves Booster
  • Add Gloves Rocket Booster.
  • VIP Unlocked.
  • Features Unlocked.
  • Full Version.
  • No Ads.
  • Xóa Logo.
  • Donated.
  • Full Paid.
  • Updating...

Cars Arena: Fast Race 3D is a new type of racing game; the player's task is to drive his car in an arena represented by 3D cubes and create holes for opponents to fall. In addition to your racing skills, you will also be supported by in-game features for easy and quick wins.

Moving a car in a 3D room

Your car will drive through the arena, a white 3D plane made of hexagons. You will see your car from the top view of the base. Players fight by moving freely and constantly surrounding opponents, but at the same time, you yourself must avoid holes in the surface. Otherwise, you will fall into the water and lose, at which point the player must catch it and restart the game. Everywhere your car goes turns the white plane red. Within a certain period of time, these red planes will disappear. Aircraft will be rebuilt after a certain amount of time.

Use Skills to Know Your Competitors

It's a game that's easy to pick up and engage with, but requires a lot of skill from the player to win. Control your car by moving your car on the screen with your finger. The game is also equipped with a jumping skill, which is helpful if you are trapped in a tight space, because the opponent will also have the same skill as you, so be extra careful. Also, you can become your own victim if you accidentally step into a hole of your own making. In addition, players can use other features to support the game, such as using rockets, boxing gloves, ...

enjoy driving

Players must constantly move and create many holes in order to make the opponent fall into the water to win, the game is full of challenges and suspense. Try to eliminate your opponents and become the ultimate winner of the game. Usually there are four players in a game, and everyone gradually eliminates their opponents until the last one is left. Continuous attack makes the opponent passive. Don't be nervous, fight hard on the field, and experience interesting and exciting games with everyone. Come to the car arena and become a real racer.



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