Review Deepest Sword 1.0

Mod APK Features:

  • Full Version.

  • Donated.

  • Updating...

  • No ads.

  • Unlock Pro.

  • Unlock Premium.

  • Unlock VIP.

  • Unlocked features.

  • Paid.

  • Fixed.

  • Delete Logo.

Deepest Sword is a pixel art, machinic simliar to 'Diging Over It' type of game

Delve deep into the cave of longing. Thrust your sword deep into the heart of the dragon! How deep is your resolve?

Feel the weight of a giant sword!

Move in ways you never thought possible.

Overcome your deepest struggles.

You will take on the role of warriors embarking on their own adventure, and while the course of the adventure may be nothing new.

But in this journey, you will compose for yourself, and the plot will have different quest options that

providing you with more types of adventure experiences and forging weapons.

the collection of such rare materials is very important, so the game players you have to collect in various battles.

There are a lot of things to get, a variety of items you can get, there is something for you, the warrior, to discover.

PlayStation cartoon version of the painting style, interesting adventure, you need to control your character constantly to the enemy.

Multi-level level design, different levels will face different enemies and dangers, you need to constantly improve the strength.

Easy to operate, no complicated operation instructions, just finger click to complete the 7273 attack defense, simple and easy to learn.

Players can switch roles to carry out different skills against a variety of monsters.

You will also encounter numerous dangers on your journey, which will not only endanger your life, but also hinder your progress.

Therefore, you must destroy them in order to launch an attack on the final destination.

To defeat them, you must complete a series of prequests.



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