Review Hungry Dragon v4.6 (Unlimited Money)

Features Mod:

  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Money

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if dragons were real? That would be a nightmare right? But what if you have a dragon? What will life be like? Meet Ubisoft's Hungry Dragon - a game around this premise.

In this casual game, you have a dragon that is always hungry. This game is very loose and suitable for almost all ages. With over 10 million installs on Google Play alone, this game is as addictive as it is fun. So, what exactly is it all about the hype? Let's find out!

Become a Dragon Friend

In Hungry Drago, you have a cute but deadly dragon friend named is Nibbler. But unlike other dragons, Nibbler always wants to eat as his name suggests. It eats large birds, small animals and other animals it encounters. If possible, he will even devour the mountains and the sun.

In Hungry Dragon, your task is to help your friend Nibbler eat as many animals as possible to survive. Because when there is nothing to eat, Nibbler will weaken and possibly starve. Don't let that happen! game see how much your dragon has left and how much it needs to eat to survive. Of course, the more Nibbler eats, the healthier it gets. This also means that he will become bigger. However, there are certain creatures that you have to watch out for. These creatures are very scary and will only harm Nibbler if eaten by mistake.

In addition, your dragon also has skills that you can activate, when you let Nibbler eat a lot. more, it will be more powerful. When the mana bar is full, you can either increase your speed or breathe fire to instantly catch prey.

Hungry Dragon's Trait

< p>Hungry Dragon is a unique and fun way to pass your time. It's incredibly simple but offers endless possibilities and ways to play. But to really appreciate the game, let's see what it has to offer:



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