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Lanota opens up a world with impressive graphics and captivating music that you can’t miss as they accompany characters trying to save the world. A world has become boring because there are no more sounds or colors, and to achieve your goal, you will need to go through many different challenges. At the same time, there are many types of notes that you need to interact with and levels with increasing challenge.


Lanota’s story goes through a terrifying phenomenon called Al Niente and significantly influences everything that humans can see and hear. Specifically, all sounds and colors on Earth have completely disappeared, but this is not the end for the world. After the disaster, the world finds energy called Notalium that can turn everything lost back to how it was.

The primary use that Notalium can do is to preserve color and sound in an area where it occurs. All of this energy is managed by an organization, and they cannot find ways to continue to create this helpful energy source because the ancient people created it. At the same time, the energy source also begins to become unstable for some time, and our main characters will have the task of stabilizing the energy source and saving the world.


An interesting point when you experience Lanota is that the story will be told in an awe-inspiring way with attractive graphics that you cannot ignore. You will be able to see the characters you will be accompanying, and of course, challenges will always appear before your eyes. In other words, players will need to participate in musical levels and solve them correctly with their tap and touch skills. The mechanics are completely understandable, but players will take a long time to master.

You will see a circle called the judge line, and your job is to touch the notes that appear when it passes through this circle. In other words, if you don’t touch it correctly, everything will fail. Since this is a circle, in any location, elements can appear you will have a short time to see and prepare for. In addition, similar to other music games, players will also face many different challenges.

Many types of notes will appear before the player and force them to have corresponding interaction methods. Some notes will come with a rather long tail, and you will need to tap the screen according to the shape and length of the tail until they disappear. At the same time, some notes will have arrows that require you to swipe in the direction it requires. So, the number of notes will increase over time, and the speed at which they appear will make it difficult for the player.


If you have experienced many songs in Lanota, surely, you will be utterly impressed with the uniqueness that it brings. You’ll want to hear them repeatedly and continue your journey of discovery as you go through the various levels. At the same time, surely anyone wants to complete the level in the best way so that the song can always be played perfectly. Indeed, there will be many challenges that players will need to face.

There are many challenges that players will need to face in this game, and they stem from two main aspects. The first factor is the frequency of the notes’, and they can appear in any position and in a quantity that you cannot predict in advance. At the same time, some levels are challenging, like the boss battles in RPG games, and the number of these stages is not much but will consume a lot of the player’s time.

Players will not be able to ignore the impressive musical experience that the game brings:

  • The player will enter a world that has experienced a disaster and has lost both sound and image, so it needs help to restore it to its original state.
  • A group of characters will perform this mission, and they have the power to interact with an energy source that can bring the world back to normal.
  • There are many musical challenges that players will need to approach and overcome to find out what’s going on and help the story progress.
  • Each level offers a variety of notes that the player will need to interact with, and their frequency will start to become dense.
  • Many elements in this game will present challenges to the player, such as boss levels or a series of notes that they cannot solve.



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