Review Nexomon: Extinction v2.0.1 (Menu, Unlimited Money)

Features Mod:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Items
  • Experience Mods
  • Full Version Unlocked
  • Free In-App Purchase
  • Updating...

Monsters are always ferocious creatures that don't follow any rules. But you can completely master them very easily with Nexomon: Extinction. Be a talented coach who aspires to reach the top. Conquer all the fiercest monsters with your own technology. Accompany your friends to mysterious lands with huge treasures. Discover more of your soul's hidden potential.

Nexomon: Extinction is a classic monster-catching game heavily influenced by Pokemon. It has been well received for everything from the graphics to the engaging gameplay. Currently, the game has appeared on the mobile platform and is well received by many players. Enjoy epic stories on your phone. Join the journey through the colorful and delicious world of friendship. Try it now and learn more about these amazing things.

Download Nexomon: Extinction mod - Collect and tame mighty monsters

World The world is in danger of being destroyed by the power of the tyrant Nexomon. He fights to dominate and control all humans and monsters around the world. However, our young heroes cannot let this happen. Lead these heroes to grow and build their strength. Leave your current abode and choose the best Nexomon to accompany you. Get quests to delve into the game's plot. Along the way, you will encounter countless different enemies. Don't let them easily carry out their evil plans.

Tame Nexomon

The number of Nexomon in this world there are can be up to more than 350, with a series of special abilities. They are divided into nine different types of elements that exist in nature. Each element gives certain combat characteristics to each Nexomon. These elements can cancel each other through the effects they produce. You can take advantage of this feature while fighting other Nexomos. Also, Nexomon needs to be collected on the go. As they evolve, they will become stronger and take on new appearances. Create your own strongest Nexomon team.

In your adventure, you will move and discover new places. Each place has its own characteristics such as lava lake, desert, jungle, research base or mighty kingdom. You will receive the tasks that people here give you via chat. Then, complete and earn the exciting rewards that come with each mission. The harder it is, the more loot you get. The enemies distributed in each area will also have unique abilities. Go to the dungeon or cave to find what you need.

How to get past stuck on loading:< /h2>

- Go to Playstore and install original

- Then uninstall Original and install MOD

* Free in-app purchase, follow the installation steps:

1. All anti-virus software needs to be disabled or uninstalled.

2. Download and install Lucky Patcher. But don't open it.

3. Download and install Mod Apk.

4. Open the mod and play.



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