Review Robbery Bob v1.21.7 (Unlimited Money)

Mod Features:

  • Unlimited money.

An interesting role-playing game – Robbery Bob – King of Sneak has appeared. Fun game with the journey to collect items in the last mission of Bob, the reluctant thief. Faced with many challenges with the guards always on duty, how to get the required items? Will Bob finally complete this mission and return to a normal life? Only you can help answer this question!


Bob is a thief who wants revenge and return to normal life. To do that, however, he must complete the final heist from his boss. In Robbery Bob - King of Sneak, players will transform into Bob and help him overcome these challenges. In order not to be caught breaking in, you need to move wisely. Use touch operation to adjust the movement direction. Go slowly and avoid making any noise. Avoid colliding with special objects in the house and avoid other people.

Bob's mission is to go get the required items such as secret letters, old clothes, keys,… and Collect other valuable items. At the same time, you are moving and observing the position of items in the room. Tap on the objects you want to put in your space bag. The bag is also designed with extreme limits. So try to get as much as you can and most importantly get the item you are looking for.


This Robbery Bob heist is not simply a small case but a series of heists. The theft took place from homes, shops and even shopping malls. They are sorted from small to large by size and difficulty level. The initial heists are quite simple, but later on, the difficulty will increase as the requirements grow larger, the number of guards also increases. Guards and hunting dogs are the ones who stand in your way. At all costs, you must not let them find you. Can hide in bushes, toilets, or anywhere. When discovered, run as fast as possible to escape. If you get caught again, you lose. Watch closely and use your flexibility to succeed!

Even if you don't have a support person, you can use help items such as invisibility potions, gloves, etc. can be purchased from gold coins or obtained from quest rewards. To receive gold coins, the operation is very simple. On the way there will be strips of gold coins, go to that area and touch it to collect money in your pocket: the more gold coins the better for you. So try to collect as many as you can!



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