Review Slingshot Smash v1.6.24 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked, No ADS)

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Slingshot Smash equips players with an impressively damaging slingshot to destroy buildings that appear in front of them. They will have a limited number of shots to choose the position that causes the whole building to be destroyed quickly. In addition, rewards will be able to appear unexpectedly at the level that you can collect, and you will be motivated to overcome the levels that the game has to offer.


When players start with Slingshot Smash, they will see one or more buildings with targets that you must destroy in front of them. You will be equipped with a slingshot with absolutely impressive damage that can destroy the buildings in front. At the same time, the player’s task is straightforward, which is to shoot accurate shots to cause buildings to be destroyed and indirectly destroy nearby targets.

This game’s control is not too difficult for the player when they can drag the slingshot’s string, and then a line will appear. This line represents the expected path of the ball shot by the slingshot, so you will need to observe and choose the correct position to save your shots. At the same time, with the wide viewing angle, you will be able to know the exact position of the targets and aim at the part of the buildings precisely.


One of the challenging elements in Slingshot Smash is the number of shots the player can make. Specifically, the number of shots is displayed on the right side of the screen with the icon of a red ball that is the base bullet in the early game. So you will try to use this number of shots correctly to complete the level well, and some of them will have some rewards to pick up. The primary method of picking is to aim and destroy the target that transports the reward.

The number of levels that players pass in this game is diverse with the level of challenge, and the complexity of the buildings will continuously increase. Also, as you complete a level, you’ll get the results and see a continuous gift that becomes more apparent. The condition to open this gift is that the clarity of the gift needs to be maximized, and it will give you skins for the ball you use. There will certainly be many interesting skins that you cannot ignore.

You won’t be able to take your eyes off the exciting slingshot shooting experience:

  • You will see a number of buildings with nearby targets, and your task is to destroy them and indirectly defeat the targets.
  • Players will be able to control the slingshot easily and know the expected direction of the ball to choose the right attack position and save shots.
  • Each level has a limited number of shots, so players will need to comply with them and try to complete with different strategies.
  • Exciting bonuses can appear unexpectedly during the level, and players can use the shot they have to collect them.
  • The skins for the ball are unlocked as players progress through the different levels, and surely, they will find the skins they want.



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